Experimental-biological clinic (vivarium) is one of the science additional subdivisions of our university and it was created for laboratory animals manage and breeding for medico-biological researches.

Vivarium exists from the first days of the University/ the aim of the vivarium is the breeding of animals for scientific and laboratory works. 

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Currently in the work of the vivarium participate veterinarian Kazybayev K. and laboratory assistant Beiner M.

In the vivarium of the university the following laboratory animals are managed:
1. Rabbits
2. Rats
3. Mice
Delivery of the laboratory animals to another universities is the commercial service of the vivarium.

Targets and tasks:
Vivarium has range of obligations on implementation of the quality management system and permanent improvement of its productivity.
Targets in the field of the quality vivarium coordinates with the quality policy of the university and keep the integrity of the management system during planning of the educational service.
Refinement of the breeding with the same results
Improvement of the conditions of the animal breeding
Improvement of the feeding quality
Rise of the animal quantity
Improvement in disinfection
Improvement in sequestration

Main directions of the department activity:
Main directions of the experimental-biological clinic (vivarium) activity include preparation of laboratory animals for scientific researches, practical and laboratory studies of the students. 

Achievements of the subdivision:  During 2009 the subdivision of the vivarium prepared 126 rabbits, 1183 mice and 2005 rats. 

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