Professional Development center and additional education


Saparova Lyailum

head of centre

Saparova Lyaylyum Tasbolatovna has been the head of Professional development center and additional education since January 2007.

She graduated from the Tselinograd State Medical Institute with a degree in Pediatrics.

1999- Assistant at the Department of Family Medicine of the Kazakh State Medical Academy. In 2003, she defended her candidate thesis;

2004 - Associate professor at the Department of Children's Diseases No.1 with a propaedeutic course for childhood diseases;

2008 - Associate professor at the Department of General Medical Practice No.2. Saparova Lyaylyum is Associate Professor at the Department of General Medical Practice with a course of evidence-based medicine.

As the head of the structural unit, she improves her professional skills not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, in London (England) and Tel Aviv (Israel). She is author of more than 80 scientific works in international and national publications, 3 educational and methodological manuals.


Barlybaeva Aisha Ermukhanovna

Chief Specialist

Ibraeva Altynay

Chief specialist

Abdullina Zhupar

Leading specialist

Shaimerdenova Anara


Mukhtarova Indıra

Leading expert

Formation story

The Professional development center and additional education was established in 2002 as a faculty for the improvement of doctors, according to the decision of the administration 07.01.2002.

Since January 2009, in connection with the reorganization of the Kazakh State Medical Academy RSE in the «Astana Medical University» NJSC, the faculty was renamed into the faculty of continuous professional development and further education.  Since September 2019, due to a change in the structure of the university, the faculty was renamed the Center for Professional Development and Further Education.

The university’s strategy is aimed at meeting the needs of students and medical personnel of the Republic of Kazakhstan in professional higher and postgraduate education, in continuing education and continuous professional development, the implementation of which has been carried out by the Center for Professional Development and Further Education for more than 17 years.

Regulatory documents


The aim of the Center is educational activities aimed at the implementation of programs of continuing professional development and further education.


Based on applications from the health departments, the Center for Professional Development and Additional Education plans and conducts cycles of advanced training and retraining under the state order under the program 005 "Advanced Training and retraining of personnel of state health organizations", as well as conducts contractual cycles. The Center for Professional Development and Additional Education provides all types of additional education for medical workers (full-time, distance learning): Advanced training-from 2 credits (60 hours) to 10 credits (300 hours), certification courses - from 15 (450 hours) to 60 credits (1800 hours). Master classes, seminars - at the request of medical organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The advanced training of medical workers is in accordance with the orders: order of MH of RK No. 218 dated November 30, 2020; the order of MH of RK No. 303 of December 21, 2020.; the order of MH of RK № 305, 21 Dec 2020. for 51 medical specialties

1. Aviation and space medicine.

2. Obstetrics and gynecology adult, children.

3. Allergology and immunology adult, children.

4. Angiosurgery for adults and children.

5. Anesthesiology and resuscitation for adults and children.

6. Gastroenterology for adults and children.

7. Hematology (adult).

8. Geriatrics.

9. Adult and children's dermatovenerology.

10. Pediatric surgery.

11. Infectious diseases for adults and children.

12. Adult and children's cardiology.

13. Cardiac surgery for adults, children.

14. Kinesiotherapy.

15. Clinical pharmacology.

16. Occupational medicine (Occupational pathology).

17. Emergency and disaster medicine.

18. Medical genetics.

19. Neurology adult, children.

20. Neurosurgery for adults and children.

21. Neonatology.

22. Emergency medicine for adults, children.

23. Adult and children's nephrology.

24. General medical practice.

25. General surgery.

26. Oncology.

27. Oncology and hematology for children.

28. Radiation oncology.

29. Chemotherapeutic oncology.

30. Otorhinolaryngology adult, children's.

31. Ophthalmology for adults and children.

32. Pathological anatomy.

33. Pediatrics.

34. Plastic surgery for adults, children.

35. Adult and child psychiatry.

36. Pulmonology adult, children.

37. Radiology.

38. Adult and children's rheumatology.

39. Family medicine.

40. Nursing.

41. Dentistry.

42. Forensic medical examination.

43. Therapy.

44. Traumatology-orthopedics for adults and children.

45. Urology for adults and children.

46. Physical medicine and rehabilitation for adults and children.

47. Phthisiology for adults and children.

48. Oral and maxillofacial surgery in the adult, children's.

49. Adult and children's endocrinology.

50. Ergotherapy.

51. Nuclear medicine.


 - Pedagogical mastery is being improved, flexible forms of training are being applied to expand ties with practical healthcare through the introduction of innovative educational approaches: modular construction of training programs, taking into account the regional component, oriented to the consumer (distance learning technologies);

 - Information and communication communications are being developed to ensure leadership in the regional education market and introduce innovations in the provision of quality educational services;

 - The Professional development center and additional education continues to provide highly qualified specialists to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries;

 - The faculty has its own hostel with 30 beds.


Contact data

Address: 010000, Nur-Sultan, st.  Beibitshilik, 49a.

Tel: (7172) 53-95-45, 53-95-23, 53-94-38