Sports medicine center and Sports Club


Atetov Yerden

chief specialist

Shaimerdenova Aliya


Formation story

The sports medicine center and sports club was organized in mid-2019 on the basis of the sports club by combining the activities of sports medicine and sports specialists with the aim of leadership in education and training specialists for sports, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

The history of the university sports club starts from the first days of the creation of our university. For many years, the sports club was part of the department of physical education. In the Soviet years, many students trained at the base of the sports club of the Tselinograd Medical Institute, who later became famous doctors. Our graduates were noted in all sports, as evidenced by sports awards stored in the university museum. Having smaller sporting areas, nevertheless, the national teams of our university worthily perform today at city and republican sports and athletics competitions and go to international competitions.

Over the years, experts such as A.N. have contributed to the development of the sports club. Fursa, A.V. Kanaykin, E.Z. Akhanov, S.B. Bisembaev.

In 2011, the senior teacher of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition, a graduate of our university B.S., Sattyklyshov made a proposal to create a sports club as an independent unit of the university, providing sports training for students and staff. With the support of the university’s leadership, on April 1, 2011, a new department of the Sports Club was organized, which gave rise to the emergence of such units in many universities in our country. In order to develop the sports movement B.S. Sattyklyshov proposed two main sports starts - “Rector's Cup” and “University Cup”. The first cup is aimed at holding a large number of competitions among student teams and faculties in 16 sports with the subsequent formation of a national team. The University Cup is held among all the universities of the city of Nursultan in which the combined team of our university participates. Possession of the Cup of our own university stimulates the great work of our students, which is very positively reflected in the results of sports and athletics. Personally, Berik Saparbaevich, during his leadership of the sports club, trained three masters of sports and twenty-four candidates for master of sports in ju-jitsu wrestling and also won more than 300 medals of various denominations.

Since 2016, the sports club was headed by a young sports specialist, candidate for a master of sports in boxing, E.B. Atetov. In order to develop a mass health-improving movement among students and university staff, he was offered the MUARAN health run. The first mass races held at a distance of 5 and 10 km. showed great interest on the part of students, and department staff showed great time at a distance of 10 km.

In different years, the masters of sports, honored trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerzhanov S.K., Kozhemyakina N.N., Kapanova S.N., Tynbaev B.E., Kudabaev K., Estek E., D. Olzhabaev, Zhuravlev V worked as trainers of the sports club. .V., Bespalova I.F., Kemelbaev Zh.


- Development and implementation of sports medicine projects;

- Attracting students and university staff to sports and a healthy lifestyle


- Organization of the first annual university marathon - MUARUN.

- Achievement of numerous victories and prizes at Republican and city sports competitions to enhance the sports image of NAO MUA.

Contact data

Office 104, 51/a Beybitshilik street, Nursultan city

Internal phone number – 317