Updating information of structural divisions on the website


In connection with the change in the organizational structure and staffing of NJSC “Astana Medical University” (hereinafter – the University) dated December 15, 2020, all structural divisions (department, dean’s office, office, service, center, chair, etc.) should provide information to the Press office in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English according to the attached templates for structural units for the website (hereinafter – Templates), until March 15, 2021. Also, these Templates are posted on the website www.amu.kz (hereinafter – website) in the section “Employee”.

For structural units that have already sent information in the period from August 2020 (for the 2020-2021 academic years), it is necessary to check and compare the relevance of the current information on the website. In case of changes in the current information, it is also necessary to provide the completed templates. Old names should be specified in templates (when changing the name according to the new structure).

If there is information on the website in the sections “Employee”, “Student”, “Doctor”, “Employer”, “Graduate” and other information, the responsible units need to update the information in these sections.

Completed templates for all language versions should be sent to e-mail: corpsite@amu.kz (the Kazakh version should be verified by the State Language Development Group). In the subject line of the letter, be sure to indicate the name of the structural unit in Russian. Also, all photos: management, employees, structural unit, etc. should be attached separately in a mail (it is advisable to change the name of the photo by belonging – surname, title, description). Information filled in not according to the templates WILL NOT be accepted!!!

We hope for your responsibility and efficiency.

For questions, contact the Press Office, tel. 24-90-01, int. 494.

Templates in three langues:

Русский Шаблон для структурных подразделений на сайт

Казахский Шаблон для структурных подразделений на сайт

Английский Шаблон для структурных подразделений на сайт

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