Transfer of students from other universities and restoration to study at NpJSC “AMU”


In the NpJSC “Astana Medical University” (hereinafter – NpJSC “AMU”), during the summer holidays, students will be transferred from other universities and reinstated to study:

- Bachelor – from July 1 to July 25, 2020 (2-5 years, all specialties);

- Internship – from July 1 to July 25, 2020 (6-7 years, “General Medicine” and “Dentistry”);

- Residency – from August 1 to August 10, 2020.

When transferring students, NpJSC “AMU” takes into account the direction of training, the profile of the educational program, academic achievements, as well as cases of academic honesty violation.

The transfer and restoration of students is carried out in accordance with applicable laws:

1. Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 30, 2018 No. 595 “On the Approval of the Model Rules for the Activities of Educational Organizations of the corresponding Types”;

2. The academic policy of NpJSC “AMU” of July 4, 2019 with amendments and additions of October 1, 2019.

The list of documents for transfer:

- The original application addressed to the head of the university where the student is studying at the moment (with the signature and seal of the head);

- a copy of the certificate of of UNT or CT;

- copy of certificate of educational grant holder;

- original transcript;

- extract from the order for transfer to the next year;

- extract from the order on the appointment of the scholarship;

- copy of identity card or passport.

The list of documents for recovery:

- original academic certificate;

- a copy of the certificate of UNT or CT;

- copy of identity card or passport.

Address / Contacts: Nur-Sultan, st. Beybitshіlіk 49a,;

Faculty of Public Health and Management: 215-office, e-mail:, tel. 8-7172-53-94-58.

Faculty of Medicine: 205,207-office,, tel. 8-7172-53-94-37, 8-7172-53-94-40.

Faculty of Dentistry: 208-office, e-mail:, tel. 8-7172-53-94-34, 8-7172-53-95-72.

Faculty of Nursing: 408-office,, tel. 8-7172-57-78-96.

Faculty of Pharmacy: 209-office,, tel. 8-7172-53-94-32.

Center for Postgraduate Education (internship / residency), 211-, 212-office,, tel. 53-94-45, mob. +7 701 353 9308.

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