Quality of training specialists in JSC "AMU"


JSC “Astana medical university”


Quality is a complicated philosophical, economic and social category.

Quality assurance system in higher education being formed in Kazakhstan is a complex of means and technologies used to achieve such a level of training of specialists that meets the modern and prospective criteria and requirements worked out by the Society.

Quality of education must be ahead of the requirements made by different directions of the social progress – economy and policy


Criteria for quality assessment:

The University holds leading positions in world and national ratings (reference to the supporting document).

Availability of a license for the training of specialists in higher professional education.
Certification and accreditation of educational activities.

A worthy image of the university in the system of higher education is confirmed by the organization and holding of scientific conferences of various levels (conferences).

Participation in international exhibitions, assessing the quality of educational services and obtaining diplomas confirming the best forms of training in JSC “AMU”, using modern innovative methods and equipment (exhibitions).

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Seminar-trainings (reference to the seminars)
Symposiums (reference).
International congresses of professors in a particular field.
Assignment of a special status of the “National Medical University”.
Evaluation of the modern high professional literacy of the University teacher.
Creation of new teaching and methodological support ahead of the semester in accordance with the plans for the development of specialties (
Section “For students”, under the point “Educational-methodical complex”).
Teachers of the University are planning to develop virtual laboratory practice programs.

It is necessary to create an electronic database on the organization and results of educational and training activities using modern software products.
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    The quality of education is a matter not only for the employees of the University, but also for students.

    The quality of the training of a specialist (student) depends on:
    Participation of the student in international and city competitions and olympiads in disciplines and specialties, taking high prizes.
    Graduates of the University must be in demand by enterprises not only in the regions of Kazakhstan, but also in other cities of the Republics (PRESENTATION). 
    High level of employment. The work of the University on the employment of graduates under contracts with enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership and the implementation at
    the University of various programs initiated by the administration and supported by the rectorate (PRESENTATION).
    Graduates of the university confirm the high quality of the preparation for the final state attestation, as well as during the defense of diploma projects. Thus, the quality of the diploma projection influences the assessment of the quality of teachers.

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