English courses for ATS

English language courses are taught by the teachers of the Chair of Foreign Languages: M.B. Khamzina


1. R.S. Alzhanova (Chair of History of Kazakhstan)
2. G.M. Amrieva (Chair of Physiology)
3. K. Beglarova (Chair of Pathophysiology)
4. D.Sh. Zhumadilov (Chair of Surgery No.2)
5. Zh.A. Kalieva (Chair of Medical Biophysics)
6. K.B. Manikenova (Chair of Anatomy)
7. G.A. Makhaeva (Chair of Psychology)
8. B.K. Omarova (Chair of History of Kazakhstan)
9. Zh.Zh. Sultanova (Chair of Medical Biophysics)
10. N. Shakirkhan (Chair of Medical Biophysics)

Schedule of lessons for the teaching staff
   - Monday: 13.00
   - Thursday: 13.00