August 27, 2019


 Teacher of the Chair of Human anatomy

The main duties

 Teaching the discipline “Human anatomy”


 Medical education, the faculty of “General medicine”

Required profession experience

 Master’s, residency

Professional competence and personal qualities

 Analytical thinking and planning, orientation to results, initiativity, stress resistance, sociability, team work, trainability and self-development

Language proficiency

 State, English

Work conditions 

 · formal employment;

 · worthy labour remuneration:

 · work schedule according to the curriculum;

 For employment issues, call: 444204, (8-701-782-14-91 Aigul Idirisovna Almabayeva), office No.212. Saryarka ave. 33.

Computer skills

 Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook

The term of submitting the CV


April 11, 2019

The Chair of general and clinical pharmacology searches for teachers.

Requirements according to the job description: higher medical education, work experience in the field  at least 3 years and the presence of an academic degree.

Contact phone: 444-160, +7 777 306 0445.