Social support for students

In the case of the loss of student card or gradebook, students ought to


1. Advertise for the loss in a newspaper:
“The lost student card (gradebook) issued by JSC “AMU” to “student”, is considered to be invalid”, and bring a newspaper clipping;

2.Bring a payment receipt:
- Student card – 310 tenge;
- Gradebook – 920 tenge.

3.Bring a 3x4 photo – 1;

4.Write an application to the vice-rector for educational activities on permission to issue a duplicate document.

The list of documents in the case of the loss of diploma:

1. Application to the Rector;  
2. Copy of the lost diploma;
3. Copy of the identification card;
4. Announcement (a newspaper clipping on the diploma’s invalidity);
5. Verification sheet from lost and found office;
Payment receipt (1368 tenge).   

Pay additionally 829 tenge, when a duplicate of addendum to diploma is necessary.

Point out “For the duplicate of diploma” or “For the duplicate of diploma and addendum to diploma” in the payment receipt.

Application forms:

Ø    In the case of changing surname on the ground of marriage

Ø    To issue academic verification sheet due to the transfer to another university (reinstatement)

Ø    To issue a duplicate of the gradebook (student card) in the case of the loss of it