Regulation on elite groups

1. General statements

1. This regulation on the criteria for selecting interns into the “elite” group of JSC “Astana Medical University” (hereinafter - Company) is developed in accordance with the Strategic Plan of JSC “Astana Medical University” (hereinafter - Company) and it regulates the procedure for selecting interns into the elite group of the Company (hereinafter - Regulation).
2. The “elite” group (hereinafter - Group) is a group of interns selected from among students in the internship of the Company on a competitive basis, with good knowledge of English, intellectual potential and the desire to work in accordance with high international standards.
3. The program of creating the Group in the Company provides increasing the popularity and investment attractiveness of the Company, encouraging the participation of interns in international educational, scientific, cultural programs and grants, awarding the Holding’s nominal scholarships to the most talented interns.


2. The main objectives of organizing the Group

The main objectives of organizing the Group are:

1) Preparation of modern, highly qualified and competitive medical personnel, who own innovative technologies and knowledge;

2) Obtaining a high degree of quality of knowledge, skills and competences in the chosen specialty to ensure the mobility of the graduates of the Company, lying in the ability to move freely within the country and abroad;

3) Integration of the domestic system of study in internship into the international system;
4) involving interns into the practical work in the Holding’s subsidiaries.


3. The order of preparing and organizing the Group’s activities

1. The group is formed on a competitive basis from among the graduates of the medical, pediatric and dental faculties of the Company enrolled for training in the internship of the Company.

2. The competition is announced at the vacation time, during which the interns submit a list of documents to the consideration of the Commission from among the Company’s employees (5-7 people) to select interns into the Group and to monitor their activities.

3. When selecting interns into the Group, these criteria are taken into account:
1) assessment of educational achievements in all types of control over the training period;

2) good knowledge of English;

3) high intellectual potential;

4) participation in the educational, scientific, clinical, social activities of the Company;

5) availability of letters of recommendation from the head of the chair for selected specialization, scientific adviser, etc.;

6) participation in international conferences;

7) availability of scientific publications in journals of Kazakhstan and abroad;

8) and other achievements.

4. The decision of the Commission approves the contingent of students in the Groups who, at the beginning of the academic year, by the order of the Rector of the Company are determined into the Group of 5-6 interns, taking into account the selected specializations in internship.
5. Training is conducted on the basis of the Holding’s subsidiaries with the involvement of leading highly qualified specialists in practical public health, professors, and doctors of medical sciences.

- training in English in related disciplines and selected specialization;

- active involvement into the international training programs;

- expansion of the language training of interns through a system of additional courses of foreign languages ​​to increase the mobility of interns;

- attraction of foreign teachers-native speakers with the support of the Holding;

- active participation in scientific and practical conferences, seminars with the invitation of scientists and lecturers from the far abroad (USA, Japan);

- studying abroad in leading international universities and clinics;

- participation in the following programs:

1) The Global Student Exchange Program (The program of US State Department);

2) The Bolashak Program, Kazakhstan.

7. The Group’s membership may be unstable, taking into account the continuous monitoring of the activities of students in the Group. The Commission for student selection may make adjustments in the case of violation of the main responsibilities of the student in the Group, depending on the academic rating and the rating of attendance of the intern.


4. The main responsibilities of students in the Group

1. The Group’s interns are obliged to:

1) Observe strictly the Company’s Charter and Standards, the Internal Regulations of the Company;

2) Comply with the academic discipline;

3) Observe and execute the orders and instructions of the Company’s Rector;

4) Treat the Company’s property the with care;

5) Comply with the Rules of military registration.

2. In the case of violation of the academic discipline, the intern is removed from the Group.

3. Amendments and additions to this Regulation are made in accordance with the established procedure.