SCE on REU “Zharkainsky CDH” under the Health Department of the Akmola region (commissioned in 2016)


Address: Akmola region, Derzhavinsk, md. Stepnoi 213


Tel./Fax: 8-716-48-40429

The population of the district (aver.) - 14306 people

Medical care is provided in the hospital for 50 beds, for 45 beds in the day hospital and in the clinic for 150 visits per day.

The medical rural network of the district is represented by 4BA, 15MP, 1FAP.


Operating room



Intensive care unit




Room for endocscopy


Room for USI





X-ray photograph





Cardiologist's room


Birthing room



In Zharkainsky CDH there are vacancies of doctors:

1. Obstetrician-gynecologist

2. Anesthesiologist-resuscitator

3. GP doctor

4. Pediatrician

5. Ultrasound doctor

6. Endoscopist

7. Cardiologist

8. Neurologist

9. Dentist

10. Dermatovenerologist

11. Ophthalmologist

12. Otorhinolaryngologist

Suggestions from the Head Physician:

1. Conclusion of the individual Labor Contract with a personal fixed salary (the status – SCE on REU);

2. Additional compensation for part-time positions and on duty;

3. On-the-job training at regional and republican clinics, as well as training institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4. Modern working conditions (building, offices, medical equipment, operating room, maternity hospital, intensive care and reanimation therapy wards, etc.);

5. Individual workplaces (personal computer, round-the-clock Internet, complex medical information system);

6. Living space from the Hospital Housing Fund;

7. Professional and Career Growth.

Contact details:

Chief doctor: Amanov Serik Baltabekuly

Mobile: 8771-6054273


Reception: 8-716-48-40429

Human Resources Department: 8-716-48-40427.