The questionnaire for the listener

from 1 to 10
1Rate the training organization
2Rate the learning environment
3Rate the relevance of the content of lectures, classes, modern data on the specialty and planned topics of the cycle
4Rate the quality of teaching material
5Rate the availability of the material presentation
6Rate the adequacy and quality of the demonstration material (slides, presentations, models, phantoms, simulation equipment, etc.)
7Rate the possibility of patient curation, diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations for the development of practical skills during the training
8Rate the availability of working with literature in the library and online classroom
9Rate the organization of living conditions in the hostel (if you live in a hostel)
10Rate the use by teachers and you of training time provided for advanced training / retraining
11Rate the quality of teaching at the chair
12Rate the quality of the work of the dean’s office
13What were the difficulties in learning the material?
14Do you meet with corruption in training (if yes, where)
15Do you think that after completing the training, you can independently apply new knowledge and skills in practical activities?

If no, why: 
16Would you like to continue further training in this organization?

If no, why:  

We are very grateful for your cooperation!