Syllabuses on advanced training cycles under the 005 republican budget program

Algorithms for pregravid training of women of fertile age

Antibacterial therapy in children

Algorithms of emergency care in accordance with international standards (BLS, ACLS, PALS)

Prehospital emergency care algorithms (BLS, ACLS, PALS, PHTLS)

Aspects of clinical electrophysiology and interventional arrhythmology

Atresia and microtia. Bone conduction implantation 216

Atresia and microtia. Bone conduction implantation

Pregnancy and diabetes pregestational diabetes, planning and management of pregnancy, gestational diabetes

Vaccination in children with immunology

Maintaining patients with respiratory diseases in general medical practice (COPD, BA)

Maintaining young children in general practice

Management and monitoring of pregnant women at the primary health care level

Viral infection in children. New approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Differential diagnosis of viral exanthema

Diagnosis and treatment of acute myocardial infarction

Clinical supervision of adolescent children

Differential diagnosis in pulmonology

Differential diagnosis of ENT diseases

Intestinal diseases in children

Strokes, diagnosis, treatment. Key Issues of Continued Rehabilitation and Clinical Examination

Clinical electrocardiography in the practice of therapist, cardiologist, GP

Metabolic Surgery

Neonatal Cardiology

Providing medical care in acute myocardial infarction

Providing emergency medical care in the prehospital period in case of injury (traffic accidents, polytrauma, 3-H system)

Providing emergency medical care in the prehospital period in case of injury

Providing emergency pulmonary care

Fundamentals and principles of healthy nutrition in children and adults in the practice of GP

Reproductive health and family planning at the PHC level

Primary immunodeficiency in children. Diagnosis and treatment

Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of socially significant diseases in general practice

Immunization among children and adults in primary health care

Early detection, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis in the practice of primary care physician

Respiratory pathology in the practice of a primary care physician

Diabetic foot syndrome, the role of primary health care physician in diagnosis and prevention

Modern monitoring during anesthesia and intensive care

Spirometry in the diagnosis of bronchopulmonary diseases

Epilepsy and other paroxysmal conditions in children, pathogenetic basis