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Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to
other men, by the joint of exertion of skill and
humanity, are above all the great of the earth.


Being on the verge of making difficult and responsible decision - to choose an educational institution, it is very important not to make a mistake. Exactly this choice will determine your professional career, on which your life largely depends. An adequate choice will let you gain the necessary skills and knowledge that will help to achieve success and ensure a bright future.
You are young and eager to dedicate your life to the most honorable and noble, difficult and favorite business - to protect the most precious thing for a man - his health.
Today society makes quite high demands from the health care workers. The present reality is that the improvement of health care professionals is vital. It is natural that medical universities are obliged not only to raise constantly the level of theoretical preparation of graduates, mastering the skills of their work with patients, but also to develop to a certain extent, the individual abilities of medical thinking. These are requirements of the state educational standard of higher professional education.
Astana Medical University is one of the largest and fastest growing medical universities of our country, the leader in the field of health care and continuing professional education, innovation, and the best scientific and clinical center.
Along with the professional specialized training during training in the university, a lot of attention is paid to education of high moral qualities of the expert, who will work with patients.
Today, the University is a unified scientific and educational complex: research results immediately pass to the students in classrooms, teachers and students are involved in research, and research staff is in the educational process.
University education gives you the opportunity to find yourself in any field. Therefore, the purpose of students is not to miss a day, successfully mastering their specialty. But the main thing that the University studies give young men is the ability to think independently and creatively. The strength of the University is a brilliant teaching team. There are 944 teachers in our University, including 53 professors, 117 Doctors of Medical Sciences and 262 Candidates of Medical Sciences. Professors, lecturers, research associates help students master the skills of conducting the analysis, comparison, dispute, argument.
Our University is in the top three medical higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It cooperates with leading universities of the USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe and Russia. Prospective students wishing to study science have the opportunity to continue their education in MBA and PhD programs, as well as in residency.
Anyone who decides to enter the university, absolutely, believes that he can apply learned lessons. Unforgettable intense and joyful student years are waiting for you. Do not miss a minute. Strive not to miss a word at the lectures of wonderful professors, look for the truth in heated arguments and discussions, take an active part in the social life of the University, for which all the conditions have been created here.
You face new opportunities as the University trains specialists - future doctors, who are in high demand in the labor market of our country.
Astana Medical University welcomes those who have decided to learn the profession, creating the future!


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Contacts for admission to Astana Medical University for Bachelor’s program:

• 8 7172 539 512 Admission Сommittee;

• 8 705 518 46 64 Executive secretary of the Admission Сommittee

• 8 776 529 73 58 Deputy executive secretary of the Admission Сommittee


• 8 702 955 13 13 Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee for Foreign Students Bakytzhan Abualiuly Syzdykov;

• 8 707 977 87 80 Elmira Nukovna Akzhigitova.