For foreign citizens

The procedure for the admission of foreign citizens to the state-accredited educational institutions of higher professional education

During the admission process, the admission commissions of higher educational institutions accept documents on education issued by foreign educational organizations in the absence of a document on nostrification, according to clauses 13 and 22 of the Rules for the Recognition and Nostrification of Education Documents dated January 10, 2008 No. 8:

1) original document of education;

2) annex to the document on education (original) with the following information: amount of hours of educational disciplines and practices passed, final marks, course and final qualification papers, other components of the learning process;

3) a notarized translation of the document on education and its annexes into the state and / or Russian language. Certification of the translation is carried out by a notary in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan or by diplomatic service bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country in which the document is issued. In some cases (for example, when establishing a recognition by precedent), translation may be submitted by the diplomatic service bodies in Kazakhstan of the state on whose territory the document is issued;

4) a notarized copy of the document certifying the identity of the holder of the document on education, with translation into the state and / or Russian language;

5) a copy of the license and / or the certificate of accreditation of the educational institution issuing the document on education, with the exception of the state standard documents on the compulsory secondary and general secondary education, certified by the stamp of the educational institution (if necessary with a notarized translation into the state and / or Russian languages). The documents specified in subparagraphs 1) and 2) of this paragraph issued by educational organizations must be apostilled or legalized.

In the absence of a full package of the above documents, the procedure for recognition and nostrification is impossible. In addition, documents on education issued by foreign educational organizations without a certificate of recognition / nostrification for training in reduced educational curricula are not accepted. In practice, there are cases when the secondary professional education received in foreign educational institutions does not correspond to this level of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (according to the State Compulsory Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

When concluding an agreement on the provision of educational services with holders of educational documents issued by foreign educational organizations, there should be points that in the case of a negative opinion of the National Accreditation Center's expert commission on the non-conformity with the standards of the State Compulsory Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, they will be expelled.

Note: Admission of foreign citizens to the University on a fee basis is based on the results of the interview. The date of the interview is from 1 to 3 August 2018.

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