On the international activity of the University

The entry of the JSC "Astana Medical University" (hereinafter - the University) into the world of educational space poses new challenges for the University in the development of international activities, which are linked both with the development of the international activity of the country in general, and health in particular.

The main strategic objectives of the Department of international cooperation and academic mobility (hereinafter - the Department) are:

•Perfection of the University's image both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and at the international level, developing educational and scientific activities in accordance with international requirements;

•Development and strengthening of international relations and business partnerships, as well as participation in international rankings, in order to increase the competitiveness of the University.

To achieve these goals, there is an active work to develop partnerships with foreign embassies in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thus, contacts were established and memoranda of cooperation were signed with the universities of Japan, Italy, Austria, Germany, Finland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Russia, the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, South Korea, China, and India.

Within the framework of the concluded memoranda, the following activities are carried out:

•Exchange of students and teachers for training, passing summer schools and internships;

•Invitation of foreign lecturers to conduct lectures at the University;

•Development of joint educational programs;

•Joint research and projects, exchange of scientific literature in the framework of ongoing projects;

•Organization of seminars and master classes with international participation;

•Participation in conferences, publication of abstracts and reports, etc.

The department is actively working to establish links with international partners on the Erasmus+ programme: