The state language development group


Orynbasarova Baktynur

head of the group

Orynbasarova Baktynur Adilovna graduated from Aktobe state University named K. Zhubanova on specialty Russian language and literature in Kazakh schools. She graduated from Pavlodar state pedagogical Institute on specialty Kazakh language and literature. Teaching experience – 22 years. From 1990 to 2006 she worked as a teacher in Kazakh and Russian schools of Pavlodar region, taught Kazakh language and literature. From 2006 to 2009, she worked as a translator and human resources inspector in the Department of PCRP in Pavlodar. Since 2009, she has worked as a methodologist, leading specialist, chief specialist of the state language development and language policy department of the medical University of Astana. Since March 2019, she has been appointed head of the state language development and language policy department. Since September 9, 2019 – head of the state language development group.

She was awarded the diploma of mayor of Zhelezinsky district of Pavlodar region (2004), a grateful letter of Education department of Pavlodar region (2005), a jubilee medal of the medical University of Astana (2014), the grateful letter  of a rector of JSC «Medical university of Astana» (2018).


Shaimuratova Assyl

Leading specialist

Tlesheva Mariyam


Formation story

The state language development and language policy department was established by the order of the rector of the Kazakh state medical academy dated April 5, 2007 No. 76. Head of the Department appointed MD, Professor Dalenov Yerbolat Derbisaliuly.
In February 2009, the Department was renamed the state language development and language policy department. Professor Mukhambediya Akhmetov was appointed head of the Department.
Since March 2019, Orynbasarova Baktynur Adilovna has been appointed head of the Department.
On September  9, 2019, in accordance with the new organizational structure of the university, the State Language Development Group has become part of the Center for the Transfer of Educational Technologies of the Department of Student Affairs. 
Due to the change in the organizational structure of the University, since January 2021, the State Language Development Group has become part of the Document Management and State Language Development Department of the Department of Internal Administration


- ensuring full-scale functioning of the state language in accordance with the Law of RK «On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan» and control of execution of requirements of the Law at University.
- ensuring quality assurance of educational and methodical materials in the Kazakh language.
- organization and coordination of state language courses for University staff.
- cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations on the development of the state language and language policy.


- coordination of office records in the state language. Provision of methodological assistance to employees of the division of record-keeping in the Kazakh language.
- verification, correction of outgoing letters, contracts, statutes, standards, regulations, agreements, job descriptions, technical specifications, etc.
- examination of texts translated from Russian into Kazakh for exact compliance with the lexical, stylistic and semantic content of the originals.
- to ensure the quality of translations of information materials for the University website. 
- checking, correction and reviewing of textbooks, teaching aids in the Kazakh language, the authors of which are teaching stuff of the University.
- organization of seminars and events on the state language development at the University.
- determination of the need to learn the Kazakh language. Gathering a contingent of listeners. Division into groups by levels. Establishing contacts with training centers. Educational process organization.
- organization of the procedure of testing on the KazTest system to assess the level of knowledge of the Kazakh language of the University staff.


The Department provides high-quality registration of outgoing and internal documents in the state language. In 2014, the University took part in the city competition «Мемлекеттік тілде іс жүргізуші үздік мекеме», took a first place, was awarded a diploma. The Department has made a huge contribution to the publication of educational materials in the Kazakh language. Over the past 5 years, with the methodological assistance of the Department staff, about a hundred teaching staff of the University have been issued.
By order of the Committee on languages development and social-political affairs of the Ministry of culture and sports of Kazakhstan in the framework of the «program of development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020» in December 2015 issued «Анықтамалық сөздік (латынша-орысша-қазақша)». Authors: M.Z.Shaidarov, M.Akhmetov. Typing on the computer and page proofs was conducted by the leading specialist A.M. Shaymuratova.
In 2017 «Латынша медициналық терминдерінің түсіндірме сөздігі» was published, authors: M.Z.Shaidarov and M.Akhmetov. Editors are Department staff G. Abdesheva, M.Tlesheva. In 2019 «English-Kazakh dictionary of medical terms» was published, authors: M. Akhmetov, M. Shaidarov. Editors – A. Baltayev and group N. Shamgunova, A. Shaymuratova.
On April 12, 2019 staff of the Department A.Alimanova, A.Zhussip participated in the republican terminological conference «Scientific and methodological foundations of the formation of industry terms», held in Almaty. In the conference proceedings the article by A.Alimanova and A.Zhussip «Medical terms in the Latin alphabet» (based on foreign words) was published.
In pursuance of the «State program of development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020» in cooperation with teachers of KSE «Rukhaniyat» for the University staff organized free courses in the Kazakh language.
November 1, 2019, the State language development group in cooperation with Management on languages development of the MHC of RK in accordance with paragraph 7 of order № 38 of the Minister of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 27 February 2017 in NCJSK «Astana medical university» organized the Republican terminological conference «Медициналық білім беру – мемлекеттік тіл аясында». In the conference proceedings published articles of the group: B.A.Orynbasarova, A.M.Shaimuratova «Жаңа термин жасаудағы терминбөлшектердің маңызы»

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city, Sreet Beibitshilik 49a, 51 bld. room 206