Chair of Neonatology


Karin Bekturgan Tynymbayuly

Acting Head of the Department
In 1996 he graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Aktobe State Medical Institute. 1996-1999 he served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the head of the medical service of a regiment and brigade.
Since 2000, he began to work as a neonatologist - resuscitator in the neonatal department of the Republican Research Center for Health and Care of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2004, he was appointed head of the neonatal department, since 2006, head of the neonatal resuscitation and intensive care unit.
From 2010 to 2011, Deputy Chief Physician for Neonatal Service of the City Perinatal Center No. 3 in Nur-Sultan. From 2010 to 2013, assistant of the Department of Neonatology, NAO MUA. From 2011 to 2017, he worked at the National Research Center for Motherhood and Childhood as a senior resident of the Coordination Center for the implementation of EPA, head of the neonatal service. In 2018 he graduated from the magistracy of the NAO MUA.
She has been working at the Department of Neonatology of the NAO MUA since 2019.
From 2010 to 2013 and from 2015 to 2017 he was the chief freelance neonatologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Passed trainings and seminars on resuscitation and intensive care in Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaunas, Vilnius, Vienna, Cambridge, Liverpool. From 2013 to 2015, he completed an internship in Cambridge (Addenbrook Hospital) under the Bolashak program. National trainer for the implementation of the principles of "Effective perinatal care", "Confidential audit of perinatal mortality". National expert of international organizations WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF.
Head of the Public Foundation "Congress of Obstetricians-Gynecologists and Neonatologists of Kazakhstan"


Chuvakova Tamara Kurmangalievna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Aubakirova Botagoz Sabyrovna

Assistant of the department, neonatologist-resuscitator, ORITN State Medical University №2, second category.

Kucherbaeva Zhuldyz Arystanovna

Department assistant, doctor of the highest category.

Oranskaya Tatiana Nikolaevna

Assistant of the department, head of the neonatal service of the State Medical University No. 2, the highest category, ultrasound doctor

Kasenov Darkhan Satybaldinovich

Assistant of the Department, Head of the Department of Reanimation and Intensive Care of Newborns

Nurashbekova Sholpan Sadykovna

Assistant of the department, neonatologist-resuscitator, ORITN GMB No. 2, highest category, ultrasound doctor

Nauryzova Zhansaya Temirbekovna

Assistant of the department, neonatologist of the joint stay department of the State Medical University No. 2, first category, ultrasound doctor

Tsubenko Irina Alekssevna

Assistant of the department, head of the department of pathology of newborns, the highest category

Akhremenko Natalia Vasilievna

Assistant of the department, head nurse of the NICU, the highest category.

Beybitkhan Zharkyn

Laboratory assistant of the department

Formation story

In the NAO MUA in 2010-2013, the Department of Neonatology functioned, then a course in neonatology, which was headed by the founder of the neonatal service in the Republic of Kazakhstan, MD, prof. Chuvakova T.K. In connection with the need to introduce effective perinatal technologies into healthcare practice, the Department of Neonatology was re-established in 2019.
Despite the fact that the department has a short history, the staff of the department have a wealth of clinical experience as neonatologists, healthcare organizers and scientific researchers.
In the development of neonatology in Kazakhstan, Professor of the Department of Neonatology Chuvakova Tamara Kurmangalievna has a special place. She is the first leader of the neonatology course, which was opened at the Almaty Institute for Advanced Medical Studies on International Children's Day - June 1, 1978. Then there were only five such departments in the former Soviet Union. For many years (from 1978 to 2008) she managed to combine the position of the head of the Department of Neonatology and the chief freelance neonatologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She was the national coordinator for programs to improve maternal and newborn health. Such as "Protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding", "Safe motherhood and assistance to improve the effectiveness of perinatal care." Moreover, she was not only a national coordinator, but also actively introduced them into the practice of domestic health care. The introduction of the program "Protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding" into the practice of obstetric organizations contributed to a significant decrease in infant mortality, which was confirmed by the UNICEF study ("Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey", 2006), which showed that only due to the introduction of the breastfeeding program, the level of infant mortality in Kazakhstan has almost halved! In September 2000, the UN summit was held, at which the Millennium Declaration was adopted, containing 8 global goals. Each country, including Kazakhstan, pledged to meet these goals for the period from 1990 to 2015. Attaching particular importance to the timely achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the country, with the technical support of UNICEF, approved a project to study the causes of infant and child mortality in Kazakhstan.
Oranskaya Tatyana Nikolaevna - one of the founders of the neonatal service in the city multidisciplinary hospital No. 2 in Nur-Sultan. Thanks to her, numerous perinatal technologies, methods of diagnosis and treatment were introduced, which improved the quality of medical care for newborns. As a result, neonatal mortality in Nur-Sultan is the lowest in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, she is UNICEF's national consultant on infection prevention related to health care delivery. Oranskaya Tatyana Nikolaevna, together with UNICEF experts, carries out external assessments of medical organizations and conducts seminars and trainings on the prevention of nosocomial infections in the regions of Kazakhstan.


Preparation of a neonatologist for continuous professional development, possessing the necessary amount of knowledge, practical skills that meet modern requirements and the relevant principles of evidence-based medicine, capable of independently conducting diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation, preventive measures for children in a hospital setting, applying advanced innovative technologies in neonatology.


Кафедра неонатологии кроме образовательных программ по подготовке будущих врачей неонатологов, участвуют в различных мероприятиях по улучшению качества оказываемой медицинской помощи новорожденным. Сотрудники кафедры являются авторами многочисленных методических рекомендации, клинических протоколов, стандартов операционных процедур и нормативно-правовых актов МЗ РК. 
Сотрудники кафедры вовлечены в проект по проведению Конфиденциального аудита перинатальной смертности, по результатам которой разрабатываются клинические рекомендации для практических врачей, еженедельно проводят онлайн разборы клинических случаев по линии перинатального аудита.
Кафедра неонатологии активно сотрудничает с общественными организациями, которые помогают недоношенным детям и их родителям. 

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