Chair of infectious diseases


Kulzhanova Sholpan Adlgazyevna

head of chair
doctor of medical siences, professor, infectionist of the highest category. Deputy Chairman of the Senate of NJSC "MUA", Chairman of the Association of Infectious Diseases Physicians in Nur-Sultan, member of the RPO "Society of Infectious Diseases Physicians", member of the European Society of Clinical Microbiologists and Infectious Diseases, member of the Euro-Asian Society of Infectious Diseases, member of the Dissertation Council for the defense of doctoral dissertations PhD specialty "6D110100- Medicine" NAO MUK, expert of the IAAR Accreditation Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of working and expert groups on the development of regulatory documents on infectious diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Author of more than 150 publications, 7 of which were published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, the textbook "Handbook of Infectious Diseases" in Russian and Kazakh languages, monographs, 6 textbooks, 2 guidelines for students and infectious disease doctors, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 prepatents RK for an invention, one certificate for an object of copyright. She was awarded the breastplate «Денсаулық сақтау ісінінің үздігі», medals «Халық алғысы», «Құрметті түлек», certificates of honor, letters of thanks.


Konkaeva Maya Ergalievna

PhD, associate professor, head teacher of the department, responsible for the educational and methodical work in the discipline "Infectious diseases" of the bachelor's degree and residency.

Smagulova Zauresh Kadyrbekovna

Candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, head teacher of the department, responsible for the educational work on the discipline "Infectious Diseases" in the state language.

Baibosynov Daulet Mukhametzhanovich

Master of Medicine,Senior Lecturer, Responsible Lecturer in the Clinical Epidemiology discipline. Responsible for research. Trade union chair.

Beisenbieva Nazira Esenbaevna

PhD, assistant of the department, responsible for the research work of the department employees, responsible for organizing the conduct of the OSKE, SP, research, NOTs of the department.

Baygulova Guldana Bilyalovna

Senior lecturer, responsible for educational work on the discipline "Clinical epidemiology" in the state language, responsible for educational and vocational guidance work.

Ilyasov Baurzhan Bolatovich

Senior lecturer, responsible for educational work and vocational guidance work on the discipline "General epidemiology".

Baigenzheeva Raushan Kuzhatovna

The teacher is responsible for UMCD in the state language in the discipline "General Epidemiology", NOT on general epidemiology.

Turebaeva Gulsimzhan Orynbasarovna

Assistant of the department, responsible teacher for medical work at thedepartment, responsible for the discipline "Infectious diseases" in English.

Esenova Dana Kairulaevna

Senior teacher of disciplines "Clinical epidemiology", head teacher of the course of epidemiology.

Nurakhmetova Gaukhar Anuarbekovna

Assistant of the department, responsible teacher in the specialty "Nursing". Secretary of the cathedral meetings. Testologist of the department, FPK employees of the department. Responsible for the QMS, responsible for the information on the site.

Doszhanova Bazarkul Pernebekkyzy

Laboratory Assistant, Responsible for maintaining a time sheet for employees of the department, for filling out documentation and timely submission of information on student attendance.

Omargalieva Meruert Bolatovna

Laboratory assistant, Responsible for the nomenclature of the department, responsible for energy management and environmental management. Responsible for work on the Moodle platform, DЕ.

Formation story

The Department of Infectious Diseases was established in 1967. The first head of the department until 1974 was candidate of medical sciences, associate professor V.P. Osipov. From 1974 to 1983, the department was headed by Associate Professor I.N. Gnutov, in 1983, the Academic Council of TsGMI entrusted the leadership of the department to Ph.D. Kotlyarova I.F. Since 1988, for 10 years, the creative team was led by associate professor E.N. Kolos. From November 1999 to January 2013, the department was headed by MD, professorGulnaraUkmanovnaAlshinbaeva, from January 2013 to February 2014, associate professor ImambaevaGulsaraGazizovna; From February 2014 to the present, the department is headed by MD, KulzhanovaSholpanAdlgazyevna.The Department of Infectious Diseases of NAO “Astana Medical University” is located on the basis of the PCE at the PCB “Multidisciplinary Medical Center” of the Akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan (Nur-Sultan, 22/3 Manas Street). The department has at its disposal a manager’s office, 12 training rooms (6 rooms for the discipline “Epidemiology” on 29/1 KabanbayBatyr Ave., Block B, 1 training room –– Regional Hospital, 1 training room –– in the hospital of the Ministry of Defense and 4 study rooms in IMC).


- Training of students, interns, residents in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases;
- Development of teaching aids for training students and residents, guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases;
- Advisory and methodological assistance to medical institutions of the Nur-Sultan cityand the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Improving the indicator of satisfaction of interested parties with the work of the department; - Meeting the needs of hospitals with qualified and competitive specialists; 
- Staffing of the department, - Advanced training of teaching staff, the scientific potential of the department;
- Improving the quality and effectiveness of the educational process at the department;
- Introduction of innovative teaching methods in the disciplines of the department;
- Conducting research on the study of epidemiology, immunopathogenesis, improving the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases at the present stage, participation in international scientific projects.
- Participation in the annual international conference of the Euro-Asian Society of Infectious Diseases, republican and international conferences, congresses.


The most significant research works are devoted to the study of immunopathogenesis and the development of the most effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with brucellosis, salmonellosis, erysipelas, central nervous system lesions in infectious diseases, which have been introduced into public health practice. Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of shigellosis on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan "optimization of the treatment of acute dysentery". Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of chronic opisthorchiasis and new approaches to etiotropic therapy. Pathological physiology (14.00.16) the effect of little protein starvation. The current course of mumps and measles in adults.
Epidemiological features of the incidence of brucellosis in Kazakhstan.
Currently, employees are taking part in scientific projects: "A randomized study of the efficacy and safety of Sausalin in comparison with biltricide in the treatment of patients with opisthorchiasis", "Methodology and software for determining the characteristic acoustic pattern of cough for patients with COVID-19", SOLIDARITY International randomized clinical testing drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients, WHO project "Protocol for the study of confirmed and probable SARS-CoV-2 cases and contacts in the Republic of Kazakhstan." The teaching staff and residents of the department are actively working in the "red zone" of the State Research Center and the State Center for Philology of Nur-Sultan. The department trains 28 residents of 1 year of study, 8 residents of 2 years of study.


The degree of staff of the department is 50% - 1 doctor of medical sciences, 2 candidates of medical sciences, 1 doctor of PhD, 2 masters of medicine. 5 candidate's, 2 master's, 1 PhD dissertation have been defended at the department.

Contact data

Nur-Sultan, Manas street 22/3 (GKP on PVC MMTS) 
tel: 57-78-96