Chair of family medicine No. 2


Latypova Natalya Alexandrovna

Head of the Chair
Doctor of Medical Sciences
She graduated from Akmola State Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine, specialty "General Medicine" in 1994. She studied in clinical residency with a degree in Internal Medicine at Akmol State Medical academy from 1995 to 1997. In 2000, at the end of postgraduate medical fellowship, she defended her thesis: "Clinical features of  stages and control of bronchial asthma during pregnancy", specialty code 14.00.05-internal diseases. In 2010, after completing her doctoral degree, she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Pulmonary hypoplasia and bronchiectasis in young people", specialty code 14.00.05-internal diseases. Since 2000, she worked as an assistant, then assistant professor, professor at the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1. Since the organization of the department in September 2015, she has been the head of the department of family and evidence-based medicine. She is a member of the Dissertation Council in the specialty "Medicine", the Senate of NAO "MUA", and the Ethics Committee of NAO "MUA". Member of the European Respiratory Society, American Thoracic Society, Therapeutic Society of Astana, the Association of Respiratory Medicine of Astana. The author of more than 120 scientific publications, 2 inventions, a member of the working group on the development of clinical recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professional standards, roadmaps. She is the main freelance pulmonologist of  Nur-Sultan. Research interests: family medicine, therapy, pulmonology


Idrisov Alisher Saugabaevich

MD, associated professor, head teacher of the department

Kerimkulova Aiman Saylaubekovna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, professor of the department, responsible for scientific work

Dzhaksalykova Kulyash Kalikanovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, responsible for scientific student research and professional safety

Zhakupbekova Meruert Ongarbaevna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associated Professor of the Department, Secretary of Department Meetings

Zhusupbekova Lyazzat Ibrashevna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, associated professor of the department, responsible for educational work and department's website design

Kamalbekova Gulnara Maratovna

PhD, associated professor of the department, responsible for methodological support and quality management

Nurpeisova Riza Gumarovna

Ph.D., associated professor of the department, responsible for innovative and electronic information resources

Markabaeva Akbayan Meirgazyevna

PhD, associated professor of the department, responsible for educational work in the state language

Mukhamedzhanova Ainur Adilgalievna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department

Baitenova Lyaylya Nurashevna

Assistant, responsible for clinical work, monitoring teachers work and mutual visits

Nurkina Dinara Almatovna

assistant of the department, responsible for MOODLE

Formation story

The Department of Family and Evidence-Based Medicine was established in September 2015 in connection with the reorganization of the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the increasing role of the family doctor in medical practice. The department was headed by a professor, MD Latypova N.A.
In connection with the change in the organizational structure of NJSC "MUA" on September 9, 2019, the department was renamed into the Department of Family Medicine No. 2.
A highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team has developed at the department, which is capable of solving urgent problems related to both the training of qualified specialists and the implementation of scientific research. Teachers of the department systematically work to improve the quality of education, forming students' professional knowledge, skills and competencies.


1. To consolidate the skills of conducting and monitoring the main medical diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitation measures based on the principles of evidence-based medicine in the primary health care system;
2. To improve the communication skills of interns when working with patients, their relatives, colleagues, observing bioethical principles and patient rights;
3. To instill in interns the need for continuous professional training and improvement of their knowledge and skills throughout their professional activities, to continue the development of research skills.


to prepare a specialist - general practitioner (family doctor) who has the required amount of knowledge, practical and communication skills for successful work in the primary health care system.


The department carries out educational, methodical, research and medical advisory work.
Since September 1, 2017, in connection with the update of the  state syllabus, the department has been providing internship training for "General medicine" faculty: 6 courses in the module "Family Medicine" and 7 courses in the module: "General medical practice-2".
Since 2016, the department has been training residents in pulmonology, and since 2019 in family medicine.
1. Clinical training of interns and medical work of the department staff at the clinical bases:
- "Shipager" Family Health Center  at the address: Ryskulov 6/1
- Multidisciplinary city hospital No. 2, Ryskulov 6
- Outpatient  Polyclinic No. 10", st. Sh. Koshshygululy d. 8
- In addition, the training of residents takes place at the bases of city clinics No. 5, No. 11, No. 8, No. 13.
2. The main areas of therapeutic activity of the department:
- management of outpatient admissions;
- supervision of patients in day clinics of polyclinics;
- providing advice to doctors on diagnostic and treatment issues;
- going around the professor and participating in consultations in hospitals;
- participation in the work of medical commission of the therapeutic profile in hospitals, as well as the review of lethal  cases;
- holding seminars, lectures and master classes for doctors;
- conducting an independent examination of outpatient medical records on the quality of medical care, the effectiveness of the medical examination, the correctness of the accounting records.
The department provides practical medical and advisory assistance to the population of the city at clinical facilities.
3. The main areas of research activities of  our department:
1) Extragenital pathology in pregnant women; 
2) Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; 
3) Management of patients with bronchopulmonary pathology; 
4)  Assistance to children  in the Primary Health Care level.


The degree of teaching staff among full-time employees is 80%: 3 doctors of medical sciences, 4 candidates of medical sciences, 2 PhD. All employees of the department have categories in various medical specialties: 10 people have the highest category.
Membership in professional medical associations: 
1) Latypova N.A. - Gold Member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), Member of the American Thoracic Society (ATS), Euro-Asian Respiratory Society, member of the Association of Therapists in Astana; 
2) Idrisov A.S. - Member of the Association of Doctors of Endocrinologists, member of the Association of Independent Experts, member of the Association of Therapists in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan; 
3) Kerimkulova A.S. - A Professional Member of the European Society of Cardiology, ID 511995; Member of the ESC Council on Hypertension; A Regular Member of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC); Member of the Association of Cardiology Kazakhstan; Member of the Association of Family Doctors of Kazakhstan and WONCA - World Organization of Family Doctors; member of the Russian Cardiology Society; 
4) Dzhaksalykova K.K. - Member of the Association of Pediatricians of Russia 
5) Zhusupbekova L.I. - Member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians.
Two employees of the department participated in the republican competition and were awarded the title "Best University Teacher" (Idrisov A.S., Kerimkulova A.S.), five were awarded the badge of excellent health (Latypova N.A., Dzhaksalykova K.K., Kerimkulova A. S., Baitenova L.N., Zhusupbekova L.I.).
Employees of the department participate in international and national scientific programs: "TAME" in the framework of the Erasmus + project, 2015-2018, project "Improvement and implementation of the ball system for determining disability, taking into account the International Classification of Functioning, Disability of Health" 2016-2017, The project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Development of communication skills" since 2016, the grant project "Methodological assistance in improving the system of training competitive specialists in the field of corporate governance, management and leadership "2019-2021years.
Over the period of the department’s existence, about 200 published works have been published, of which more than 20 are with the impact factor.
The results of the scientific activity of the department staff are presented in various journals of far and near abroad, such as: "Diabetic Medicine" (2013, IF - 2.9. Idrisov AS); “FASEB Journal” (2014, Kamalbekova G.M.); “Diabetic Medicine” (2014, IF - 3.115. A. Idrisov); “Human Ecology” (2015, Scopus. Kerimkulova A.S., Markabaeva A.M.); “Journal of Hypertension” (3 publications. 2015, IF - 4,5. A. Kerimkulova); Nutrition Journal (2016, IF - 2.6. A. Idrisov); “Nutrition & metabolism” (2017, IF - 3.28. A. Idrisov); “GEORGIAN MEDICAL NEWS” (2017, Scopus. Kerimkulova A.S.); “European journal of public health” (2018, IF - 2,782. Kerimkulova A.S., Markabaeva A.M.); “Environmental Research” (2018, IF - 4.732. Kerimkulova A.S., Markabaeva A.M.); “Cardiovascular therapy and prevention” 2018, IF - 2,982. Kerimkulova A.S., Markabaeva A.M.); “Journal of Hypertension” (2018, IF-4, 209. Kerimkulova A.S., Latypova N.A., Kamalbekova G.M., Markabaeva A.M.); “MINERVA MEDICA” A Journal on Internal Medicine (2019, IF - 2,475. Nurpeisova R.G., Dzhaksalykova R.G.); “Journal of public health” (2018, IF - 2,782. Kerimkulova A.S., Markabaeva A.M.); “European Heart Journal” (2019, IF - 23.425. Kerimkulova A.S., Nurpeisova R.G., Kamalbekova G.M.) and others.
Employees of the department actively participate in international conferences with reports and publications from near and far abroad in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg,  Novgorod), Italy (Milan), the Netherlands (Maastricht), Czech Republic (Prague), Spain (Barcelona) and forums of republican significance, including participating in the organization of their holding. 
 Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department issued 5 teaching aids. An important part of the activities of the department staff is active participation in the development of clinical protocols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including on Coronavirus infection - 2019.
Employees of the department supervise the work of undergraduates, doctoral students, research interns of the 6th and 7th year of General Medicine.
Research work of students in the department has been carried out since the creation of the department. Scientific research of students  is functioning and improving, developing the scientific potential and capabilities of our students in the scientific field. Under the leadership of the department’s staff, interns, undergraduates, and doctoral students actively publish the results of their research work and make presentations not only at intra-university, republican conferences, but also at conferences of medical universities of the near and far abroad countries (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dushanbe, Vienna, etc.).

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city, Family Health Center "Shipager"
Ryskulov street, 6/1