Chair of surgical diseases No.2


Kozhakhmetov Saken Kairullinovich

head of chair
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor. Graduated from the Akmola State Medical Institute in 1997. 1997-1998 - Intern Researcher of the Department of Hospital Surgery; 1998-2001 - Postgraduate Student of the Department of Hospital Surgery; 2001-2006 - Assistant of the Department of Hospital Surgery; 2003-2005 - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine "Kazakh State Medical Academy" 2008-2009 - Dean of the Medical Faculty "Kazakh State Medical Academy" 2006-2018 Associate Professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases №1


Akhmetov Kyrym Kamigalievich

doctor of medical sciences

Lyust Vladimir Ivanovich

candidate of medical sciences

Osipov Dmitry Petrovich

candidate of medical sciences

Koblandin Sarsen Nagimovich

doctor of medical sciences

Izimbergenov Mirsaid Namazovich

doctor of medical sciences

Igisinov Nurbek Saginbekovich

doctor of medical sciences

Nurtazinova Gaukhar Sagyntaevna

Associate Professor
candidate of medical sciences

Turebaev Dulat Kanatovich

Associate Professor
candidate of medical sciences

Omarbekov Ardak Zharylkasynovich

associate professor
candidate of Medical Sciences

Adaybaev Kairat Toleugalievich

candidate of Medical Sciences

Bokebayev Zhanybek Tolepkalievich


Eseеv Askar Zhanabaevich


Taszhanov Rustem Salkievich


Formation story

When the department of faculty surgery with the course of urology of the Tselinograd State Medical Institute of the Ministry of Health of the USSR was created in 1966, its organizer and first head was Professor Yury Aleksandrovich Volokh, Doctor of Medicine.

In 1987, in connection with the unification of the departments of surgical diseases of medical and pediatric faculties, Professor N.V.Mun was elected as the head of the department.

From 1997 to December 2003 and from 2004 in 2008, the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor E.A.Taygulov, who in 2008-2010 was vice-rector for scientific and clinical work, and from 2010 he again became head of the department until May 2018.

From December 2008 to 2010, the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor O. G. Tsoy. Research at the department was continued and supplemented by the study of topical issues of immunopathogenesis and hormonal homeostasis during surgical infection, emergency abdominal surgery, thyroid diseases.

From September 2018 to the present, the head of the department is Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Kozhakhmetov Saken Kairullinovich.


·           training of highly qualified personnel for domestic health care and medical science;

·           development and improvement of new technologies and methods for the diagnosis and treatment

of surgical diseases and other scientific research;

·         rendering highly qualified and high-tech medical care to the population.


• Implementation of educational programs SES of higher professional and postgraduate education on the profile of the department

• Development of work programs for training courses in the department’s profile

• Carrying out vocational guidance work of the department to attract students for discipline as an elective

• Implementation of an integrated educational and methodological, organizational and methodological support of the educational process in the profile of the department

• Introduction of innovative teaching methods: business games, interactive lectures, synquewines, and others this year, documented in the form of an implementation report, photo and / or video material

• Development and use of modern educational technologies and forms of education that increase the absorption of educational material by students

• The implementation of the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel on the basis of magistracy, residency, doctoral studies

• Fulfillment of state certificates

• According to the profile, the implementation of medical work (supervision of patients, the implementation of various therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and manipulations, independent performance of operations and assistance in operations in the volume of medical qualification category)

• Educational activities

• Feedback monitoring

• Implementation of University plans

• Achieving goals in the field of quality department


For 50 years, staff of the department have provided qualified, in the last decade - highly specialized surgical assistance to the population of the city, the region and residents of other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Employees of the department perform complex highly specialized surgery on the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities and, most importantly, transfer their experience to young surgeons. Also, the staff of the department headed the surgical departments, which are the clinical base of the department (V. I. Lyust, D. T. Turebaev). Modern aspects of surgical endocrinology were successfully introduced into clinical practice, as well as operational methods for treating abdominal pathology from a minientree in the basic surgical department.


Employees of the department are teaching at a high scientific and pedagogical level with a wide use of traditional and innovative teaching methods and control of students' knowledge. The decisive factor in the activities of the department is the unity of educational, medical and scientific processes. To date, the department has 90% of degree: 4 doctors of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences and 1 master, 1 doctoral candidate, 1 undergraduate student. The prize of the Republican Innovation Center was awarded for the shortening of the retractor for the minientree.


Contact data

Astana, st. Koshkarbayeva 66. PCC on the PVC "City Hospital №1"