Chair of traumatology and orthopedics


Abilmazhinov Mukhtar Tolegenovich

MD, the head of chair
He graduated from Akmola State Medical University in 1993. From 1993-1996 surgeon-traumatologist in the department of traumatology, Medical unit of the NGO Zhezkazgantsvetmet Satpaev, from 1996-2000. resident, senior resident of the trauma unit of the Central Highway Hospital Akmola, from 2001-2006. assistant of the department, from 2006-2012. Associate Professor of the Department, from 2013-2014. professor of the department, since 2015 Head of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of JSC "MUA". Не has  the highest qualification category of a doctor in the specialty "Traumatology-orthopedics (adult)". 2009 - Winner of the WIPO Gold Medal (World Intellectual Property Organization), Republican Competition in the Field of Invention “Shapagat”, 2012. - Fellow of the Bolashak International Program (Germany), 2013. - second place in the nomination "Best rationalization solution" in the Republican contest, 2014. - holder of the title "Best University Teacher 2013" MES RK, 2014 - in honor of Constitution Day was awarded the medal "For Contribution to the Development of the Emergency Situations System" of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  He is an author of 125 scientific publications( 3 of them with impact factor) , 2 monographs, 7 study guides, 7 guidelines for practical healthcare, 21 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 12 rationalization proposals, 7 acts of implementation for the educational process.


Turgumbaev Timur Nurzhanovich

candidate of medicine,office manager

Rakhimov Serik Kulchanovich


Schwartz Dmitry Valyerevich

assistant,second category doctor

Trifancheva Lyudmila Stepanovna

laboratory assistant

Formation story

After the organization of the Tselinograd State Medical Institute, a course of traumatology, orthopedics with VPH existed as part of the department of hospital surgery, where this discipline was taught by Redin Vitaliy Alekseevich and Otverchenko Grigory Nikitovich, and somewhat later Zhilkibakov Kozhabek Zhilkibakovich.

In September 1967, V.A. Redin was elected assistant professor of the Department of Hospital Surgery (Head of the Department of Prof. N.F. Khokhlov) at the course of orthopedics and traumatology. In 1970, the department of hospital surgery was headed by Gilen Vasilyevich Tsoi, who is considered to be the founder of the surgical, including and the orthopedic and trauma service in Tselinograd area. As a general surgeon, he intensively dealt with agricultural injuries in the region. In 1971, V.A. Redin was elected the head of a separate course in traumatology and orthopedics with VPH, and on February 12, 1974. by order of the Central Medical Research Institute, the course of traumatology and orthopedics with VPH is reorganized into a separate department, the first head of which is Associate Professor V.A. Redin, whose main area of research was the degenerative-dystrophic processes of the knee joint, which was the subject of a doctoral thesis, defended in 1983. As part of the department, young specialists Alibek Zhanpeisovich Abdrakhmanov, Amangazy Masalinovich Zhanaspaev, Leonid Petrovich Savin, who previously headed the regional health care and Oscar Ivanovich Tsikh worked at the department. After Professor V.A. Redin retired in 1993, the department was headed by the Honored Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Al Farabi Prize Laureate, Professor A.Zh. Abdrakhmanov, whose scientific activity was aimed at developing a fracture treatment system in the conditions of the civil defense and emergency situations medical service. Orthopedic-traumatological (45 beds), burn (30 beds) departments of the regional hospital, trauma departments of the BSMP (60 beds) and the railway hospital (40 beds) became the clinical bases of the department of traumatology and orthopedics with the course of HPV. 
In 1976, the staff of the department was replenished with young specialists Akhmetov Gabbas Elemesovich, Fedorov Anatoly Sergeyevich, Nurlan Dzhumagulovich Batpenov. In 1987, Nikolay Bronislavovich Orlovsky was elected as an assistant to the department, after completing clinical residency and 11 years of managing the trauma department of the BSMP. In 2001, the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics was opened, which became the clinical base of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics was  headed by Professor N.B.Orlovsky. After Professor NB Orlovsky retired in 2014, the department was headed by MD, professor Abilmazhinov Mukhtar Tolegenovich., whose main scientific direction is outpatient care in traumatology and orthopedic practice. The department of traumatology and orthopedics employs a doctor of medical sciences, professor Rakhimov S. K., candidate of medical sciences, Turgumbaev T. N., an assistant to the department, Shvarts D.V. and a laboratory assistant Lyudmila Stepanovna.


The main purpose of training is the formation of knowledge and skills on the basic principles of diagnosis and treatment of traumatological and orthopedic pathology, based on modern scientific achievements in the field of traumatology and orthopedics.


During the existence of the department, 25 candidate, 7 doctoral dissertations, 1 PhD, 3 masters of medicine with participation in scientific activity, both employees of the department and doctors from practical health care. Over 1450 publications were published, including 23 monographs and study guides, more than 130 copyright certificates and patents for inventions received. 
The constant improvement of the professional level of the faculty of the department is evidenced by active participation in annual scientific and practical conferences, congresses, master classes, seminars, trainings, thematic round tables with the participation of specialists from near and far abroad. The staff of the department are current consultants in medical education, clinical practice and forensics.The staff of the departments function in close creative international cooperation such as  CITO, Münster University (Germany), the German companies Aesculapius and Karl Storz, the Polish firm ChM, the American firm Medtronic, etc. With the assistance of the department’s staff in the region’s orthopedic and traumatological practice, compression and distraction osteosynthesis with apparatuses of various designs, reconstructive operations on the spine (Medilar, NITEK, ChM, Medtronic), reconstructive surgery for chest deformities, endoprosthetics of the hip joint with prosthetics, Echtem were introduced ESI and Aesculapius et al., osteosynthesis of joint-stock companies, osteosynthesis with locked rods, plates with angular stability, pelvic surgery. Moreover, teaching staff in conjunction with the RSE “Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics” carried out 3 scientific and technical programs.

Contact data

Chair is located on the basis of the Republican State Pedagogical University at the Polytechnic Institute “Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Institute”, 010000,Nur-Sultan , Abylay Khan 15a; 
contact phone: 87016570512.