Chair of Pathological Physiology V.V. Korpachev


Tazhibaeva Damirа Sabirovna

head of chair
From 2002 to present, the Chair of Pathological Physiology V.G.Korpacheva "MUA" headed D.S.Tazhibaeva - MD, professor. The main content of her work as head of the Chair is not only the preservation of the best traditions of the Chair , but also to create the most favorable conditions for business and creative development of each employee of the Chair . Research interests D.S.Tazhibaeva problems associated with the development of extreme and terminal conditions, in addition, it was at the origin of new lines of research on the pathogenetic substantiation of application of stem cell therapy for various types of the body pathology, including postresuscitative disease.She has prepared 3 doctoral students and 7 candidates of sciences, 3 masters of medicine and has more than 250 scientific and educational publications, co-author of 3 innovative patents and 2 certificates for the object of copyright. As an academic secretary and council member for many years she was a member of dissertation councils for the protection of masters and doctoral student (1991-1996, 2003-2007, 2007-2010). Perform the duties of the executive secretary (2007, 2009) and member (2011) of Section of Medical Sciences for the expert-analytical evaluation of works nominated for the State Prize of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology MES. DamirSabirovna is an active member of the scientific seminar on biomedical disciplines and scientific coordination council and chairman of the local ethical committee of the NpJSC "MUA". She was awarded the lapel pin “The best worker of Health Care of RK” (2004) and the lapel pin "Honorary Worker of Education of the RK" (2010), letters of thanks of the Deputy of the Prime Minister (2004), akim of Astana city (2009), rector of JSC "MUA "(2011). In 2008 became the winner of the Republican contest, the results of which she was awarded the title "Best teacher of universityin 2008". She was awarded with Medal "20 years for independent of RK". Awarded corporate awards "Honorary teacher" (2013) and a commemorative medal issued to 50th anniversary of the founding of the university. According to the results 2014-2015 educational year was awarded a diploma and a valuable prize "The Best Lecturer of the theoretical Chair s of NpJSC "MUA".


Kabdualieva Natalia

candidate of medicine, member of the committee on educational programs of general medicine (section of therapeutic and pediatric), authorized by the quality, the secretary of internal training seminars. 

Aitbayeva Zhaina

MD, member of the committee on educational programs of the specialty "Nursing", responsible for the educational and methodical work in groups of foreign students, Responsibility for the advanced training and the introduction of new educational technologies at the Chair . 

Baibakova Marina

associate professor
candidate of medicine, senior lecturer responsible for the research work of staff and the work of student scientific circle.

Beglarova Gulshahar

associate professor
candidate of medicine, senior lecturer responsible for educational and methodical work of the Kazakh Chair , responsible for the logistics of the Chair , responsible for occupational safety, energy management, environmental management. 

Ermentaeva Lyazzat

associate professor

candidate of medicine, senior lecturer testers of the Chair responsible for conducting vzaimoposescheny lessons and the CWC.

Niyazbekova Karlygash Kalzhanovna

Master of Medical Sciences the deputy dean, teacher of the Chair , responsible for information security.

Tohaeva Maira

trade union organizer, responsible for the morale building activities at the Chair, responsible for corporate social responsibility, responsible for the introduction of tests in the Kazakh language in the general database.

Saifulina Elena


Master of Medical Sciences

responsible for taking the minutes in Russian, assistant of the Chair for cooperation with the library, which is responsible for making the test questions in Russian in the general database.

Sengaliy Mulkat


Master of Medical Sciences responsible for taking the minutes in the Kazakh language, responsible for the introduction of tests in English in a common database for foreign students, responsible for updating the information on the Chair site.

Formation story

Chair of Pathological Physiology named after V.G.Korpachev, NpJSC "MUA" was organized in 1965. In different years the Chair was headed by well-known not only in Kazakhstan, but also outside scientists. The formation of scientific and pedagogical tradition of the Chair has been associated with the names as V.R.Faytelberg-Blanc – MD, Professor (1965-1969), P.A.Pak – Candidate of Medicine, senior lecturer (1969-1978), V.G.Korpachev – MD, Professor, academician ANS RK (1978-1998), E.D.Dalenov – MD, Professor, academician of the Academy of preventive medicine in RK, academician of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA (1998), NK N.K.Hamzina – Ph.D, Professor.

The greatest scientific achievements of the Chair related to the period of leadership of the Chair of V.G.Korpachev, who became the founder of the Kazakhstan school of experimental resuscitation. For many years, the main theme of research was the development of the Chair of experimental and applied aspects of extreme and terminal states of the organism. Under the leadership of V.G.Korpachev reserved 7 doctoral dissertations, including - 2 in Kazakhstan and more than 50 master's dissertations.

The Chair always pays great attention to educational and methodological activities of its employees are the authors of model training programs on pathological physiology and clinical pathophysiology, as well as the minimum program in the discipline, which were intended for the intermediate state control, the compiler of the work programs for undergraduates. In recent years, a large number of teaching aids used in the teaching of pathological physiology was published. Among the medical universities of Kazakhstan to conduct an independent examination of students' knowledge in the framework of the interim government control in 2004, 2005, 2006 academic year the chair holds a leading position in the country.

Chair has repeatedly been featured in one of the first in all activities at the university.

Currently, the Chair is recognized as one of the most effective to introduce into the educational process of innovative educational technologies.

Most of the teachers of the Chair on the basis of an anonymous survey of students are called among the best. Of these Tazhibaeva D.S., Kabdualieva N.B., Aitbayeva Zh.B., Beglarova G.E., Baibakova M.K. were awarded with valuable prizes and corporate awards: "Best Lecturer of theoretical Chair s", "The best teacher of the theoretical Chair s", "Best Mentor theoretical Chair s", "Honored Teacher".


The aim of the Department of Pathological Physiology named after V.G.Korpacheva, NpJSC "MUA" is the proper organization of educational and methodical, scientific research staff of the department to improve the quality of educational services, the development of corporate spirit and conducting educational work among the students.


Since 2010, at the Chair are trained in a magistracy on a specialty 6M110100 "Medicine". In this specialty finished 4 Master of medicine training E.A.Krupina, K.K.Niyazbekova (2012), L.N.Zaripova (2014), M.Zh.Sengaliy (2019). Basic research directions masters associated with cell technologies for correcting disorders arising in animals under hypoxic hypoxia and chronic immobilization stress and study the functional activity of the brain with combined effect of high exposure dose of gamma radiation and the immobilization stress.

The high scientific potential of the Chair also said that the Chair employees in different years were the chairman, deputy chairman, Scientific Secretary, member of dissertation councils (V.G.Korpachev, N.K.Hamzina, E.D.Dalenov, D.S.Tazhibaeva, N.B.Kabdualieva, M.K.Baybakova), as well as members of the SAC on the protection of master's theses (Zh.B.Aitbaeva). Employees of the Chair of Pathophysiology were repeatedly reviewers and opponents of dissertations for the degree of candidate and doctor of medical sciences (V.G.Korpachev, N.K.Hamzina, E.D.Dalenov, D.S.Tazhibaeva, M.K.Baybakova, Zh.B.Aitbaeva, G.E.Beglarova, D.S.Rahymberdiev, L.N.Ermentaeva) and allowed external review of the author's thesis (V.G.Korpachev, N.K.Hamzina, D.S.Tazhibaeva, N.B.Kabdualieva, M.K.Baybakova, Zh.B.Aitbaeva).

V.G.Korpachev was a member of the editorial boards of "Pathological Physiology and Experimental Therapy", "Health of Kazakhstan." He was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Science of Kazakh SSR" (1989). N.K.Hamzina is a member of the editorial board and the editorial board of "Science and Health" magazine "Eurasian Journal of Medicine", "Psychiatry, psychotherapy and drug and alcohol abuse", "Oncology and Radiology of Kazakhstan", "Issues of mental medicine and ecology", "Medicine" "Central Asian scientific and practical journal on public health."

Studies and research and development staff of the Chair are reflected in the rationalization proposals and inventions:

1. Khrenova N.B., Aitbayeva Zh.B.

Akmola State Medical Institute rationalization proposal number 315/96 on 23.12.96

Additional criteria tension and inferiority of adaptive reactions of blood.

2. Khamzina N.K.

Provisional patent for invention №6828

"A method of extending the safe periods of clinical death in the experiment"

Registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 15.01.99

3. Khamzina N.K., Kabdualieva N.B., Aitbayeva Zh.B.

Provisional patent number 11664 from 08.04.2002, the

"Method of occurrence of "activation reaction "

4. Khamzina N.K., Aitbayeva Zh.B., Kabdualieva N.B.

Provisional patent number 11666 from 08.04.2002

"The method of early recovery of body functions."

5. D.S.Tazhibaeva, N.B.Kabdualieva, K.M.Muhametzhanova, A.K.Konkaev

Prepatents the invention № 2006 / 0162.1 dated 13.02.2006

"A method for treating thermal injuries postresuscitation".

6. Meyramova A.G.

Prepatents an invention №12-2 / 31-79 from 28.06.2006

"Method for quantifying insulin content in β-cells of pancreatic islets."

7. Aitbayeva Zh.B., Tazhibaeva D.S., Kabdualieva N.B., Zhantureeva A.A.

Opinion on the issue of innovative patent for invention by 20.04.2009

"The method of increasing resistance to hypoxia"

Ex № 12253/02 May 14

Registered in the state. Registry of. Kazakhstan 25.06.2009

8. Aitbayeva Zh.B., Tazhibaeva D.S., Kabdualieva N.B.

Opinion on the issue of innovative patent for invention by 20.04.2009

"A method for correcting postresuscitational disease"

Ex № 12252/02 0514. It is registered in the state. Registry of. RK 25.06.2009.

9. Akpolatova G.M., Tazhibaeva D.S., Kabdualieva N.B., Tarzhanova D.Sh., Zhantureeva A.A.

"Influence" mediator substances fetal cells' adaptive responses to changes in the body during stress caused by immobilization and hypoxia "number 1859 of July 28, 2017.

Teaching staff of the Chair has participated in the work of national and international scientific conferences. Employees of the Chair three republican conferences were organized in the framework of korpachevskih readings on actual problems of theoretical and clinical medicine (2005, 2006, 2007.).

Much attention is given to the Chair of the participation of young scientists, students in the research work of JSC "MUA". A number of employees of his scientific career began with a student scientific circle of the Chair (D.S.Tazhibaeva, M.K.Baybakova, Zh.B.Aytbaeva, A.K.Konkaev, D.L.Eleusizova, G.K.Beketaeva). Graduate students, applicants and graduate students of the Chair repeatedly were winners of the annual scientific and practical conference of young scientists. All members of the Chair are actively managed by the research work of students. SNK Chair operates during the school year. Students circle members perform Abstract messages on topical issues in medicine, thematically related to the scientific problem of the Chair , to help in the implementation of the experimental part of the research degree seekers and masters.

In recent years, students V.G.Korpachev performed multifaceted work related to the study of the impact of various forms of pathology preresuscitation the nature of extreme flow and terminal conditions, the study features of restorative period in the animals with different initial levels of emotional and behavioral, age and sex of reactivity. For the first time in the experimental resuscitation were developed questions on the state of analyzers in animals undergoing clinical death. Employees of the Chair have sought not only to reduce the pace and quality of carried out research, but also as true followers V.G.Korpachev, participate in the development of new research areas, one of which is dedicated to the pathogenetic validation of use of fetal cells to treat various diseases.



The educational activities:

1. On the Chair developed and for many years successfully used control and training system of preparation of students of Pathophysiology on the mandatory use of different forms of assessment of knowledge of students in each class. In order to improve the efficiency of the teaching staff of the Chair published in the Kazakh and Russian collections of situational problems, test tasks, Dictionary pathophysiological terms, as well as manuals and guidelines for the pathophysiology of the blood system, tumor growth, heart rhythm disturbances and others.

 2. On the Chair is optimized rating system of evaluation of students' knowledge based on the modular principle of the educational process, which is an important means of increasing motivation and self-organization of students in pathophysiology. 3. Employees of the Chair held a large organizational and methodical work for students' independent work. To optimize the work of students in hard copy 14 guidelines on CDS topics were published. In this case, the first to use the rating system to assess the knowledge of students' independent work.

4. Employees of the Chair of the first in Kazakhstan among medical schools have implemented computer testing of students' knowledge on pathological physiology. To date, the Chair of the bank is about 5,000 test questions.

5. Employees of the Chair are the authors of 14 model programs for Pathological Physiology and 1 - clinical pathophysiology of the Russian and Kazakh languages.

6. Employees of the Chair for the first time published in Kazakh, Russian and English themed glossaries. This experience has been widely spread and implement the work of other Chair s of the university.

7. Employees of the Chair of the first in Kazakhstan to enhance the cognitive activity of students organized and conducted thematic Olympiad on section "Pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system", "Pathophysiology of the musculoskeletal system," which consisted of two stages:

 I - a creative

 II - theoretical

The best student work of the creative round steel form part of the museum's exhibition Chair .

8. Employees of the Chair successfully generate creative educational projects. Chair of the country's first organized and held the theme of KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive), devoted to the problems of pathophysiology, successfully held the "Brain Ring" on "Pathophysiology of the blood system."

9. Employees of the Chair in the 2013-2014 school year on a competitive basis Intrahigh won an educational grant.

10. The Chair introduced more than 20 innovative teaching methods: "Mind Mapping", "Individual-collective method", "Method 6 Thinking Hats", "Lecture-talk" and others. Besides, in training process uses innovative methods in the form of multimedia presentations, lectures and workshops, the elements of problem-based learning.

Morale building activity

1.    To implement an effective educational work at the Chair from 2014 to 2019 functionate discussion club "Dialogue +", whose main purpose is creating conditions for the social and spiritual development of students, civic engagement and education of consciousness of students.

2.    Regularly, according to the plan of educational work, teachers are thematic educational work.

The scientific activity:

1. On the Chair for more than 30 years the main research theme is "Pathogenesis and experimental therapy of extreme and terminal states and postresuscitative disease» (number GR 0103 RK 00084), whose founder was Professor V.G.Korpachev. According to the results of scientific research in this area is protected 4 doctoral and 50 master's dissertations, produced 23 scientific papers collection. For the first time we identified the trigger mechanisms of posthypoxic encephalopathy, disorders of immunological reactivity, disorders of water-salt metabolism and acid-base status at postresuscitative disease. Experimental sound management for the correction of neuropsychiatric disorders antihypoxants new classes, antioxidants, membrane protectors, neuropeptides and neurotropic drugs, various methods of physiotherapy. 2.Sotrudniki Chair participated in the implementation of the national program "Experimental and clinical rationale for the use of fetal cells» (№ GR F.0395), carried out in the framework of the grant MOH research. On the topic reserved 2 doctoral dissertations (Tazhibaeva DS, Aitbayeva JB) and 7 PhD theses. Published more than 100 scientific papers, received two innovation patents. 3.

4. From 1965 at the Chair successfully operates student scientific circle. Priority directions of activity of the circle is to perform experimental studies on postresuscitational pathology and in recent years for use fetal therapy to correct disorders posthypoxic. Annually circle members of the Chair took prizes in the final student scientific-practical conferences of the university.

5.C 2010 at the Chair conducted training of the teaching staff, of which training is provided in the master's degree in "Medicine". Masters of Medical Sciences are: Krupina E.A., Niyazbekova K.K., Zaripova L.N., Sengaly M.Zh.

Plans for the Chair of Development

1. To provide measures to improve all forms of educational-methodical activity of the Chair, a credit education technology, the expansion of autonomous learning resources in the form of an independent study of the subject the students to develop an elective course on Clinical Pathophysiology.

2. To realize further research in the field of pathology postresuscitational clarifying pathogenesis, search and introduction of new methods of pathogenetic correction, including cell therapy.

Contact data

Beibitshilik str., 49A, 8th floor