Department of Ophthalmology



Zhakipbekov Ruslan Adilovich

Acting Associate Professor of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Aisenova Elena Mendybaevna

Assistant of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Blok Natalya Evgenievna

Assistant of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Eskendirova Sholpan Amangeldievna

Acting Associate Professor of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Vishnevskaya Tatiana Ivanovna

Assistant of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Kadralieva Elvira Ibragimovna

Acting Associate Professor of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Ermekova Kulchat Tukenovna

Assistant of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Ermekova Karlygash Tolegenovna

Assistant of the Department of ENT and Eye Diseases

Formation story

Department of Ophthalmology was established in September 1965 by Tselinograd State Medical Institute. The management of the Department has been assigned to A.A. Kudryashova, who directed the department until 1968. The basis of the department was the eye department of the regional hospital with 30 beds.

From 1969 to 1984 the department in control of PhD Golenkov Arthur Konstantinovich. His main research focused on Neuropathy. Gained notoriety his monograph devoted to the study of venous pulse with stagnant nipples. As assistant chair worked k.m.s. Rodionov Y.M, k.m.s. Z.Ya. Sokolov, k.m.s. Ahmedyanova Z.U.

From 1985 to 1987 the department in directed of the PhD, Associate Professor Y. Sokolov Zelma.

From 1987 to 2008 the department was headed by Ph.D., professor Zeynet Ugubaevna Ahmedyanova. Ahmedyanova Z.U. graduated Tselinograd Medical Institute in 1972. She studied at the graduate school of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Eye Microsurgery, combined with the Department of Ophthalmology 1 Moscow Medical Institute which called Sechenov. In 1982 in Moscow, he defended his thesis "Study retinohorioidalnyh relations with argonlazernoy coagulation."

From 2009 to 2011 Ophthalmology was part of the Department of surgical disciplines, since 2012 - Department of ENT and eye diseases. All this time the course is directed by Professor of Ophthalmology Ahmedyanova Z.U.

Professor Ahmedyanova Z.U. has awards: Medal - "Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn tәuelsіzdіgіne 20 zhyl" (2011.), University corporate Award "Honorary teacher" (2012), ratification of the RK Minister of Health, MP UDP.

Nowadays, the department has teachers with extensive experience, the doctors of the highest category: Professor Ahmedyanova ZU.,. Yermekova K.T., docents Yeskendirova Sh., Kadralieva E.I., doctors 1 degree Aysenova E.M., Yermekova Kar.T, Khamzina A.A.

The department conducted teaching on discipline "Ophthalmology" in the next specialties:

051101- medical business;

051102- pediatrics;

051301 - General Medicine;

051 302 - Dental;

Nowadays, the department conducts teaching in the next bachelor:


5V130100-General medicine

Internship for surgeons

Internship GPD.

The department teachers carried out postgraduate training ophthalmologists in the cycle of training on actual problems of ophthalmology. During 5 years of held primary training of doctors in the specialty "Ophthalmology, including children."

Course of Ophthalmology trained in internship 43 doctors, 12 residents in the residency. As is current undergoing training 41 residents.

Students at the Department are hands-on training in all leading hospitals of the our capital.

Employees rate of Ophthalmology has published more than 1020 articles and abstracts in international and national scientific journals, published more than 230 guidelines for physicians, 389 acts of introduction of achievements of medical science in practical healthcare. Employees are involved in all national and international conferences.

Employees of the department published 4 teaching aids: "Emergency states in ophthalmology" in Russian and Kazakh, "Types of refractive errors, their correction" in Russian and Kazakh. Translated on the official language textbook "Ophthalmology"

Year after year processing syllabus and other educational-methodical documentation according to state educational standards, standard and working curricula of specialties, typical and working teaching plans disciplines, typical and working programs disciplines.

The department works closely with leading research institutions in both Kazakhstan and the near and far abroad.


planning, implementation of educational, methodological, clinical, educational work. In accordance with work plans.


conducting all types of training sessions, maintaining an electronic journal, developing curricula, implementing educational programs of the state educational standard of higher professional and postgraduate education according to the profile of the department.


The main direction of the department's scientific work is Epidemiology and the development of methods to reduce the risk of ophthalmic pathology among workers of uranium mining enterprises.



45% degree

The department trained in clinical residency. Since 2008, a residency has been opened at the department, since 2010 doctoral studies, since 2011 magistracy. Specialists are trained in postgraduate education, initial retraining, and advanced training cycles for doctors.

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city, Aliya Maldygulova street 38