Chair of anesthesiology and intensive care №1


Konkaev Aidos

head of chair

doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, doctor of the highest category. He is a scientific Secretary of the dissertation Council for doctoral dissertations at the Medical University of Astana. Acts as an expert of MH of RK in anesthesiology and intensive care, member of editorial Board of scientific journals "Anaesthesiology and resuscitation science of Kazakhstan", "Traumatology and orthopedics". Full member of the European society of anesthesiologists (ESA), the European society of regional anesthesia (ESRA), Vice-President of the Kazakh society of anesthesiologists and resuscitators (COAR).  Since 2013, Director of the branch of the European school for additional education in anesthesiology (SEEA) in Astana.

The author of 11 scientific articles and abstracts indexed in the Thomson Reuters database, has published more than 130 scientific publications, 4 monographs, 3 manuals, 18 innovative patents.  In 2008 he won the grant of MOH PK "the Best teacher of the year" in 2009 – grant ESA "Young teacher" (Milan), in 2017 was awarded the medal "excellent worker of RK health protection". By order of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2008-2009 he was appointed chief anesthesiologist-resuscitator Of the Chair of health of Astana. He trained in anesthesiology and intensive care in the University clinic La Sapienza (Rome, Italy), AKH (Vienna, Austria), Salzburg (Austria), St. Petersburg (Russia), on the management of scientific research studied at Columbia University, new York (USA).


Kabdualyev Askar

candidate of medical Sciences, Professor, doctor of the highest category. 

Razumov Sergey

candidate of medical Sciences, Professor, doctor of the highest category.

Eltayeva Aygerim


Formation story

The Chair of anesthesiology and resuscitation of the faculty of postgraduate education was organized in 2011, the head was appointed Professor Konkaev A. K. the newly formed Chair included Professor Mustafin A. H., associate professors Kabdualiev A. K., Razumov S. A., assistants Gurbanova E. I., Bapanov Zh. a.. Clinical bases of the Chair became RSE "research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics", 2nd city hospital, RSE "2nd children's city hospital".

Professor Konkaev A. K., assistant Gurbanova E. I. performed a fragment of the scientific and technical program of NIITO: "Development and implementation of innovative technologies for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with multiple and combined injuries, their consequences and orthopedic diseases" on the topic: "Optimization of intensive care of acute massive blood loss in severe traumatic injuries". As part of the scientific and technical program, they carried out volumetric monitoring by PICCO method, invasive blood pressure control, development of an algorithm for infusion therapy of acute massive blood loss. Professor Konkaev A. K. together with master's student Bekmagambetova N. V. studied the problem of postoperative delirium in gerontological patients with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, conducted a comprehensive assessment of cognitive status on the scales MMSE and CAM-ICU, were introduced innovative methods of correction of mental disorders.

Associate Professor Kabdualiev A. K. is engaged in the study of respiratory and circulatory functions in thoracic and extra-thoracic surgical interventions. For these purposes, catheterization of the right parts of the heart by the Swann-Ganz method is carried out, the assessment of cardiac output and the volume of circulating blood is performed using radioisotope techniques, the surfactant surface-active properties are also studied. Associate Professor A. S. Razumov-depth study of the issues of intensive therapy of peritonitis in pediatric patients.

The Chair of anesthesiology and resuscitation of the faculty of postgraduate education conducts primary retraining of doctors of various specialties, anesthesiologists, resuscitators, toxicologists, neonatologists, emergency physicians are trained on the cycles of professional development. All employees of the Chair have been trained in leading clinics in Italy, Austria, Norway, Russia, USA.


The main directions of research activities of the Department are intensive therapy of acute heart failure, preparation of patients for anesthesia and surgical interventions, development of methods of anesthesia with additional antinociceptive protection and postoperative analgesia, treatment of multiple organ failure syndrome, improvement of the organization of anesthesiology and resuscitation.


The aim is to develop students, clinical residents and students of theoretical foundations and practical skills in anesthesiology, intensive care and intensive care. Explore ways to protect the patient from surgical trauma, a targeted increase in reserve opportunities of an organism, the correction arising from the operation of physiological and pathophysiological changes in systems and organs, as well as methods and techniques as fast as possible, remove the patient from life threatening condition, prevention and treatment of acute and chronic pain syndrome.


The staff of the Chair defended 1 doctoral and 2 candidate dissertations devoted to topical problems of regional anesthesia-analgesia, respiratory support in cardiac surgical interventions. Generalization of dissertation works of the Chair staff was completed with the release of 5 monographs on topical problems of Central neuroaxial blockades, obtaining 24 innovative patents, 4 scientific and methodological manuals and more than 250 scientific articles - both in the near and far abroad.

The Chair of anesthesiology and resuscitation of the faculty of postgraduate education of JSC " MUA " is an organizational and methodological center for the introduction of new technologies in clinical practice. The main direction of scientific and clinical work of the Chair is optimization of intensive therapy of acute massive blood loss in severe traumatic injuries, medical correction of neurological disorders after CPR, improvement of anesthesiological and resuscitation care for delirium in ICU patients.

In 2012, the staff of the Chair filed an application to open a branch of the European school of anesthesiology (SEEA) in Astana. At the Committee meeting at the European anesthesiology education June 3, 2013 (Barcelona, Spain) by unanimous decision opened the first branch of the CEEA, which was approved by the head of the Chair of anesthesiology and intensive care, faculty of postgraduate education JSC "MUA", Professor A. K. Konchaev. Foundation for European anesthesiological education-international non-profit organization was organized in 1986 in the Netherlands Johan Spierdijk (Leiden), Philippe Scherpereel (Lille). It was later transformed into the Committee for European anesthesiological education (CEEA) under the European society of anesthesiologists (ESA). More than 120 branches of the European Committee for anesthesiological education have been opened all over the world, more than 8,000 anesthesiologists-resuscitators have been trained. The program of all 6 cycles was coordinated with the European society of anesthesiology (ESA) and the world Federation of the society of anesthesiologists (WFSA). Candidates who have completed the CEEA course are eligible to take the exam for the European diploma in anesthesiology.

The development plans of the Chair provide for the expansion of medical facilities, admission of anesthesiologists, resuscitators to the Chair to continue their studies in residency, master's and doctoral studies.

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