Faculty of Medicine


Makhambetov Kairgeldy


doctor of medical Sciences, associate Professor, infectious diseases doctor of the highest category, member of the Senate of the University.

He was awarded the medal "excellent health", the diploma of the Minister of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the diploma of NCE RK"Atameken".


Baikanova Raushan

Deputy dean
Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chair of General and Biological Chemistry.

Igenbayeva Bakhyt

Deputy dean
master of medicine, associate Professor of General and biological chemistry

Nurkhan Bakshagul

Deputy dean
Master of Education, teacher of the highest category of chemistry and biology, senior lecturer of the Chair of General and biological chemistry

Gabbasova Anara

Deputy dean

candidate of chemical Sciences, associate Professor of General and biological chemistry.

Zhantureeva Akmaral

Deputy Dean
Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of General and Biological Chemistry

Sadbekova Balkhia

senior methodologist

Kamanova Saule

senior methodologist

Shokubayeva Ainash

chief specialist

Kabdylova Assem

senior methodologist

Beisenova Gulzat

senior methodologist

Formation story

Training of doctors in the specialty "General medicine" began in 2007 with the introduction of the educational process of SCES 2006. The Dean's office of the faculty "General medicine" was established in NJSC "AMU" in August 2007, when rector was Doskaliev Zh. a. to the post of Deputy Dean of the faculty was invited Baykanova Raushan Karabayevna-Ph. D., associate Professor of biological chemistry, which organized the work of the Dean's office and made the first set of students. Then, Igenbaeva Bakhyt Balkenovna, Associate Professor (November 2007), assumed the duties of Deputy Dean of the Faculty. In the same year, the first dean of the faculty was appointed doctor of medical sciences, professor Tuganbekov Turlybek Umitzhanovich (November 2007 - January 2008).

In connection with the recruitment of a new course, Taizhanova Lyazzat Evgenievna was appointed deputy dean of the faculty (September 2008-June 2019). In the future, the faculty of the specialty "General Medicine" was headed by PhD Kuspaev Erzhan Nurgalievich (January 2008-January 2009).

In connection with the unification of the dean’s office with the dental faculty, the post of dean of the faculty was taken by candidate of medical sciences, associate professor A. Sumanova (January 2009-August 2009). Given the increase in the number of students, the faculty “General Medicine” has become an independent unit, headed by candidate of medical Sciences, associate professor Kalieva Aizhan Kairbekovna (August 2009-February 2011). From February 2011 to the present, the dean of the faculty is candidate of medical Sciences, associate professor Makhambetov Kairgeldy Ombaevich.

At present, the faculty of General Medicine includes 31 Chairs, and more than 40 Chairs of the university are implementing the undergraduate program in General Medicine. About 4,000 students study at the faculty, which makes up 70% of the total number of undergraduate students. In 2012, the first graduation of bachelors of medicine (457 students) in the specialty "General Medicine" took place. Since the beginning of the opening of the faculty, a total of 4708 graduates were graduated, who, having successfully passed state exams, entered the internship.


1 development of the faculty development strategy, strengthening and development of external relations with employers and educational authorities;

2. development and improvement of educational programs together with structural divisions and Chairs of the University;

3. monitoring the organization and progress of educational work, analysis of the results of examination sessions, development of proposals to improve the organization of the educational process and improve the quality of education;

4. implementation together with heads of Chairs of selection of personnel of teaching staff;

5. coordination of work of Chairs of faculty on educational and methodical maintenance of educational process at faculty (control of performance of working curricula and educational programs);

6. management of the work of the faculty Council, control of the implementation of the work plans of the faculty, their coordination with the development plans of the University;

7. organization of the preparation process and participation in the accreditation and post accreditation monitoring;

9. development of double-degree educational programs in specialties;

10. organization of summer school for the development of additional competencies of students;

11. analysis of development of competences of the graduate in the specialty in the context of courses and disciplines / modules;

12.analysis of the objectivity of students ' knowledge assessment using BI Analytics;

13. conducting market research needs of the labor market;

14.the study of the degree of satisfaction of employers with the quality of training of graduates.

Mission and goals

The aim is to prepare highly demanded, qualified bachelors of medicine, specialty "General medicine", meeting the modern requirements of the labor market.


1      High level of scientific, pedagogical and medical qualification of teaching staff implementing the bachelor's program of specialty " General medicine»;

2      The main contingent of students (84%) at the faculty of "General medicine" are the owners of the state educational grant;

3      As part of the integration of Kazakh science and education in the world, the faculty of Medicine formed 33 groups of promising students studying in English;

4      Currently, within the framework of the Balon program - as the European standard of the education system, the faculty of" General medicine " is implementing a program of academic mobility of students and teaching staff in the countries of the far and near abroad, as well as within the country;

5      Organization of the summer school by the Dean's office of the faculty of General medicine;

6      Organization and holding of the I international Olympiad in medicine by the Dean's office of the faculty of General medicine

7      Implementation of inclusive education in the educational process.

Achievements of the Dean's office...


Contact data


Beybitshilik 49a

2nd floor, 205,207, 210-office

phone: 8(7172) 53 94 37, 53 94 40

e-mail:  kabdylova.a@amu.kz