Registrar’s office


Nurgul Tleshova



Ainagul Utelbaeva

Chief specialist

Tatiyana Zueva

Chief specialist

Saltanat Shaykenova

chief specialist

Zhanar Usenova

leading specialist

Dina Nugusheva

leading specialist

Guldana Yeraliyeva

leading specialist

Gulnaz Nakupova


Sandugash Augaliyeva


Gulmira Zholdybayeva


Aiman Sharafidenova


Formation story

The Registrar’s office was created by order of the rector in 2009 as a sector for organizing the educational process in terms of credit technology of teaching, registering the history of educational achievements of students and ensuring the organization of all types of knowledge control and calculating its academic rating. The computer testing office was established in 2000 with the aim of organizing and implementing centralized testing of students’ knowledge. In September 2019, the Registrar’s office and the Computer testing office were reorganized into the Registrar’s office centre. In connection with the change in the organizational structure and staffing of the NJSC “Astana Medical University” dated December 15, 2020, the Registrar’s office center was renamed into the Registrar’s Office.


To calculate the academic rating of students in terms of credit technology of education, to conduct high-quality registration of educational achievements of students for the entire period of training and to organize and conduct a centralized service for testing students’ knowledge.


• registration and monitoring of the results of current and intermediate control of students’ knowledge, final certification;
• calculation of the academic rating of students;
• organization and control of the process of forming a catalog of elective disciplines;
• organizing and conducting registration of students for elective disciplines;
• assistance in the formation of academic groups and individual curricula of students;
• keeping records of accumulated credits / hours in academic disciplines of students from the first year to completion of training in the prescribed form;
• control over the maintenance and timely filling of the electronic pedagogical journal and the formation of statements;
• preparation of the sheets required for the current, interim and final certification;
• formation and preparation of consolidated statements based on the results of intermediate and final certification;
• maintenance, preparation and execution of the current transcript and diploma supplement (transcript), as well as a duplicate of the diploma supplement (transcript);
• preparation of certificates of confirmation of the supplement to the diploma;
• formation and sending of reports on the progress of students, analysis of test results at the request of management and structural units;
• preparation of information for the competition committee for awarding vacant educational state grants;
• ranking students, academic groups and faculties by GPA after the summer exam session.
• keeping records of students’ academic progress;
• organizing and conducting testing of students;
• processing and presentation of test results;
• creation and formation of a bank of test items;
• participation in the automation of the educational process (modules “Journal of progress”, “Test application”, “Schedule”).


- introduction of automated monitoring of students’ progress through an electronic journal;
- introduction of an electronic journal re-course;
- online entry to elective disciplines;
- transparency in the presentation of educational achievements of students;
- automated introduction of a diploma supplement (transcript);
- opportunity for a student to predict their academic achievements through a personal account on the Sirius portal.

Contact data

49A Beybitshilik str., 4th floor, 402, 414-office
phone: 8(7172)53-95-73, 27-31-90