Student Monitoring and students’ registration Center


Алиева Мухаббат Байтемировна

Head of the Department


Aubakirova Marjanghul

Chief specialist

Shubayeva Laura


Nurkhanova Saulet


Ilyasova Aigul

leading specialist

Formation story

In 2006, by decision of the Rectorate,The Student's registration Department was separated from the academic unit as an independent unit with the goal of streamlining and storing personal files of students from all faculties.

In 2006, it was called "Department of students’affairs". A practice field was included in this department since 2010 to 2012 and as a result the department was called "The Department of students’ registration and field practice". In 2013 the practice field was excluded. In 2019, due to a change in the structure of the university, The Student's registration Department was renamed into Center for Career Guidance and Psychological adaptation and students’ registration.

The center is a structural unit of the university, acting on the basis of the Charter of the University and in its practical work, guided by the orders and instructions of the Rector.

Since 2006, the department was supervised by Muhabbat Alieva, colleagues who worked in the first part of division were G.Tarassova,L.Shubayeva, S. Nurkhanova, A. Abdrayeva.

The following people worked in the department: A.Mukhanbetzhanova, N.Emberdiyeva, B.Sadbekova, A.Kozhamkulova, G.Beisenova, G. Dyusenbaeva, Zh.Medinayeva, S.Karatochinova, A.Shabanbayeva, S. Aliyeva, G. Nakupova, Zh. Omar.

Regulatory documents

Нормативно-регламентирующие документы


1.  Положение Центра;

2.  Должностные инструкции сотрудников Центра;

3.  Рабочие инструкции, касающиеся деятельности Центра.

Нормативтік-регламенттеуші құжаттар:


1.  Орталық ережесі;

2.  Орталық қызметкерлерінің лауазымдық нұсқаулықтары;

3.  Орталықтың қызметіне қатысты жұмыс нұсқаулықтары.

Regulatory documents if available


1. The Regulation of the Center;

2. Job descriptions of the Center staff;

3. Work instructions regarding the activities of the Center.




·      reliable data concerning record of the numbers of students;

·      ensuring the safety of students’ personal files;

·      timely order for strict reporting forms for graduates;

·      timely execution and issuance of diplomas, certificates to university graduates;

·      provision of public services when citizens apply through the Public Service Center or the web portal "E-government" in the specified time (duplicate diplomas, duplicate certificates of completion of internship, certificates issued to citizens who have not completed education);

·      control and monitoring of data in the electronic database of students


-     reception of personal files of students received on 1 course;

-     updating data in an electronic database of students with personal files (reconciliation of data and scanned documents from personal files);

-     storage of personal files of students (availability of Personal files according to the contingent);

-     ordering and registering documents of strict reporting (forms of diplomas, certificates)

-     registration of diplomas and certificates of completion of internship for graduates and registration of their numbers in the register of graduates with a list of extradition;

-     monitoring of students' data on personal matters and in the electronic database (restoration, expulsion, graduation, transfer from course to course, transfer from other universities, etc.);

-     maintaining and updating students' data in an electronic database;

-     report concerning numbers of students (monthly, on the 5th day of the month);

-     report on the movement of state grants (monthly, on the 5th day of the month);

-     a weekly report concerning number of students in a single system of higher education management of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-     Preparation annual report to the statistics department in the form of 3 - NC;

-     University certificate at the beginning of the academic year to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (annually);

-     State services (duplicate diplomas, certificates, certificates issued to citizens who have not completed education) service is provided upon receipt of complaints;

-     reports on graduates of different years upon request;

-     preparation of orders for re-issuance of documents in connection with a change of surname, name of the student;

-     inquiry confirmation certificates upon request;

-     preparation of answers to various internal and external requests for students;

-     providing dean’s offices with blank documentation (student cards (order through public procurement), registration cards (order to the printing house of the university for manufacturing);

-     registration and issuance of duplicate student tickets (on request);

-     extract of duplicate applications for the diploma (for diplomas released until 2012).

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city, 

st. Beibitshilik 49 a, 

main building, 2nd floor, 

office No. 201,211

Tel .: 53-94-35