Meeting of the Board of Directors No.6 of 2018


Meeting of the Board of Directors No.6 of 2018

No. and date of the Minutes of the Board of Directors, form of meeting

Members of the Board of Directors who participated in the meeting

The issues discussed

Minutes No.6

dated 15 August, 2018

meeting in absentia

Rakhypbekov T.K., Kaptagaeva A.K., Shaidarov M.Z., Aigazin Zh.Zh., Braliev A.Kh., Khvan V.A.

1. On approval of the Regulations on the terms of remuneration, bonuses and social security of the Chairman and members of the Management Board of JSC “Astana Medical University”.

2. About introduction of changes and additions in strategic directions of JSC “Astana Medical University” for 2017 - 2021.

3. On awarding and on determining the size of the premium on the results of work for the 4th quarter of 2017 of the Corporate Secretary of JSC “Astana Medical University”.

4. On approval of amendments and additions to the Regulations on the Internal Audit Service of JSC “Astana Medical University”.

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