Дайнюс Павалькис
Chairman of the Board, Rector of the NpJSC “Astana Medical University” 
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Ph.D., Professor 
Сыдыкова Сауле Ильясовна
Provost, Board member
candidate of medical sciences
Жаксылыкова Гульнар Адильхановна
Board member, Vice-rector for educational work 
doctor of medical Sciences, Professor
Аипов Расулбек Рахманбердиевич
Board member, Vice-rector for clinical work, MD, MBA, pediatric surgeon of the highest category
Даулетьярова Маржан Амангалиевна
Board member, Vice-rector for research, MD PhD
Иманберді Қайрат Боранқұлұлы
Member of the Board, 
Vice-rector for Economics, Master of Business Administration (MBI).