Mazhit Zeynullovich Shaidarov

Mazhit Zeynullovich Shaidarov

Шайдаров Мажит Зейнуллович

Member of the Board of Directors, representative of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan


1976-1982 – Tselinograd state medical institute, medical faculty.

Work experience:

1982-1984 – Tselinograd state medical institute, senior laboratory worker of the Chair of pharmacology; 

1984-1992 – Tselinograd state medical institute, assistant of the Chair of pharmacology;  
1992-1995 – State inflectional hospital, infectious disease physician, concurrently assistance of the Chair of pharmacology of TSMI;

1995-1997 – Tselinograd state medical institute, assistant professor of the Chair of general and clinical pharmacology;

1997- 2000 – City infectious hospital, chief physician, concurrently associate professor of the Chair of general and clinical pharmacology of TSMI;

2000-2006 – Healthcare department, Astana city, director;

2006-2009 – Healthcare department of Karaganda region, director;

2009-2010 – Committee for Control in the Sphere of Medical Services of MH RK in Astana, director, concurrently – professor of the Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology of JSC “Astana Medical University”;

Since 2010 up to the present – Rector-Chairman of the Board of JSC “Astana medical university”.


Academic degrees and ranks:

1987 – defense of the candidate dissertation “Immunopharmacology of several psychotropic drugs” in the specialty 14.00.25 – “Pharmacology”;

2006 – defense of the doctoral dissertation “The main components of pharmacodynamics of original plant-based preparations with the potential of hepatoprotective activity” in the specialty 14.00.25 – “Pharmacology”;

2013 – academic rank of professor;

2016 – Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences Hannover (Germany); 
2017 – corresponding member of the National Academy of  Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Scientific advising:

M. Shaidarov is focused on the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the Republic. Under his supervision, 3 PhD doctors have been defended and approved by the authorized body, and today 4 PhD doctors, 4 master’s students are being prepared.



Professor Shaidarov published more than 138 scientific and methodological works including 105 scientific articles, 9 articles in international reviewed journals with non-zero impact-factor (according to the database of Thomson Reuter), 1 monography – “Pharmacodynamics of plant-based preparations with the potential of hepatoprotective activity”, Tomsk, 2006; 2 textbooks – “Basics of Pharmacology with Formulation”, Astana, 2011, 2014, 3 textbooks and guidance manuals, 2 drug handbooks, 1 guideline for the use in a clinic, 1 vocabulary-reference book (Latin-Russian-Kazakh).


Public activity:

- Deputy of Maslikhat of V and VI convocations in 4 election districts of Astana city; 

- Chairman of the Standing Committee for Social and Cultural Development of Astana; 
- Chairman of the Public Council for Combating Corruption in the Astana City Branch of “Nur Otan” party;

- Member of the commission under the faction of “Nur Otan” Party in Maslikhat of Astana to monitor the targeted and effective use of budget funds and funds allocated from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the implementation of the State Program for Infrastructure Development Nurly Zhol for 2015-2019.



The honorary title “Honoured worker of Kazakhstan” (2005), the order “Kurmet” (Honour) (2013), commemorative medals of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the breastplate “For the excellent health worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2002).  


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