Center for Strategic Development


Alexei Omeljanchuk

Head of the Center


Tsoy Yelena Vasilevna

chief specialist

Seryanova Fariza Yerikkyzy


Formation story

On September 5, in accordance with the organizational structure approved by the decision of the Board, the Strategic Development Department was formed. From that moment until 2019, the department’s functionality expanded and, according to the organizational structure of July 24, 2019, approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of NJSC MUA No. 9, the department was reformed into the Center for Strategic Development.


- development of strategic directions of the Company and analysis of activities for the implementation of medium-term and long-term strategic tasks and control over the implementation of strategic directions of the University;
- development of key indicators of the University activities;
- Coordination of the project of the organizational structure with interested parties of the University


  • - interaction with the structural divisions and collective bodies of the University on strategic issues;
  • - participation in the development and coordination of internal regulatory documents of the university, which are of strategic importance;
  • - analysis of the information provided by the structural units of the University;
  • - development and preparation of a report on the strategy of the University;
  • - participation in the development of processes related to the continuous improvement of the Center

Contact data

Beibitshilik 49A, building 49a, office 716

8 7172 539 527