Office of logistics management and building maintenance


Zhenisov Daniyar

Head of office

He was born 7 January 1986, total work experience of more than 10 years. He graduated in 2008 from the Almaty Law Academy of KazGUU, majoring in Law.
Labor activity:
01.2017 - 04.2017 – JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center" Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Department of contract and claim work.
04.2017 07.2019 – JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center" Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Deputy Department of maintenance and project support.
Additional education: Moscow Business School (Head of Legal Services, Corporate Lawyer), Certificate of completion. Astana Orleu (Effective Organization and Management of Electronic Public Procurement), Certificate of Completion.
15.07.2019 - 09.09.2019 - NCJSC "Astana Medical University" head of the building maintenance department.
09.09.2019 - 02.09.2020 NCJSC "Astana Medical University" head of the division for material and technical support and exploitation of buildings.
02.09.2020 NCJSC "Astana Medical University" head of the division for material and technical support.


Abdikulov Batyrzhan

chief specialist

Abzhanova Gulfariza

chief specialist

Umirzhanova Luisa

chief specialist

Baigoshkarov Salamat

chief specialist

Rakhimbekova Janat

leading specialist

Ermukhanova Karlygash

Head of the dormitory household

Usin Sairan

Store keeper

Ibragim Zhuldyz


Kushugulova Ainura


Elubayeva Laili


Formation story

Office of logistics management and building maintenance was a structural unit of NJSC "Astana Medical University". On July 14. 2020, due to a change in the management structure, it was divided into two divisions: Equipment and material procurement division, Engineering and technical support division.

Regulatory documents


Development and maintenance of the University infrastructure and work environment in working condition; uninterrupted maintenance of the operation of buildings and structures; Providing the structural divisions of the University with material and technical values to improve the conditions of the educational process.
Providing and efficient maintenance of the University’s administrative, educational and residential premises and maintaining them in good condition in accordance with applicable sanitary and hygiene standards and fire protection. Attract tenants (investors) for the rental of residential and non-residential premises of the University. Create favorable living conditions for students to live and study, including foreign students.
Effective management of publishing and printing activities in order to meet the needs of the University’s production processes.


Rational organization of work of the Division for material and technical support. Providing household services and maintaining in good condition the University facilities in accordance with the rules and regulations of industrial sanitation and fire protection (administrative, educational, residential premises with an adjacent territory, in which the University’s departments are located); provision and distribution between structural units of other goods, equipment, furniture, office supplies, detergents, preservation and providence of timely repair of inventory items; timely execution of necessary documents for concluding lease agreements on time and according to the schedule, submit the technical specification to Center for Legal Support and Organization of Public Procurement for tenders and for the procurement of life support services for the University, keeping records of expenditure of material assets and drawing the established statements; collection and processing of applications of structural units of the University on logistics; the formation of a preliminary plan to purchase in the manner prescribed by regulatory and administrative acts of the University; carrying out works on improvement, gardening and cleaning of the territory, festive decoration of the hall and building facades; provision and support of meetings, business meetings, seminars and other events held by the University; daily monitoring of the work of the cleaning company for cleaning the interior and the surrounding area; monitoring of cleanliness in classrooms, lecture halls, classrooms, basements and on technical floors; keeping records of the University’s existing property, conducting its periodic inspection and ensuring safety; supervising the activities of tenants of non-residential premises in accordance with the terms of lease agreements.
Support for the production of printed materials, information activities of scientific, technical, educational, industrial, advertising and other nature, copying, replication and printing services; organization of work on the implementation and improvement of software used with modern electronic publishing systems in order to improve the quality of printing products.


Systematic monitoring of the implementation process of Development plan, monitoring the execution of applications from structural units (furniture repair, production of stands, seals, tablets, tables for the educational process for foreign students, production of fashion products, manufacturing of covers, wardrobe numbers, table flags, greeting cards, diplomas and folders). Uninterruptedly, work is being done by cleaning companies on cleaning the internal and adjacent territories, all objects are timely deratization, pest control, Industrial waste and Garbage removal, as part of city events, festive decoration of the facade is carried out, we make timely provision of goods and materials of the structural divisions of the University.
Timely execution of applications for the satisfaction of structural divisions and faculty for the provision of printed materials.

Contact data

Nur-Sultan, Beybitshіlіk 49A st., building 51, 2 floor. Offices No.: 210,205.
8 (7172) -53-95-30; 57-78-96; 57-06-48; 57-78-96; 27-01-76.
Internal-280, 358, 329, 285, 396.
Printing phone: (7172) 95-24-13:
ext 399