Information Technology Office


Zhenis Asygat

Head of the center


Yakovlev Oleg

Chief Engineer

Seilgazinov Alemzhan

Chief Cybersecurity Specialist

Sergeeva Natalia

Lead engineer

Mukashev Aslan

Lead specialist - network administrator

Kurmangaliev Duman


Nurbalin Nurbolat

Systems Engineer

Formation story

The Office was founded in January 2009. Zhastalap Aldongar was the first head of the Office. In 2012, Almaz Amantayevich Maralov became the head of the Office. Since 2021, Oleg Viktorovich Yakovlev was appointed head of the department.


- Formation of a modern IT infrastructure, ensuring a high level of its availability, providing high-quality digital services on its basis;
- Improving the quality of medical education based on information and communication technologies;
- Ensuring the safety of the functioning of the information and telecommunication infrastructure, information and telecommunication systems;
- Ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of systems and equipment, as well as taking prompt measures to eliminate violations arising during the operation. Modernization of the applied technical means. Monitoring the state of office equipment, computer, server and network equipment;
- Maintaining the local network of the University in working order.
- Information and communication support during cultural, educational and administrative events by the University.


- Organization, adoption and technical support of the information environment, including information systems, software, located in the local networks of the University;
- Analysis of the software and hardware state of the University and drawing up a set of applications for the needs of structural divisions in computer and office equipment;
- Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the equipment, taking prompt measures to eliminate problems arising during the operation of the equipment, if necessary, repair or organize service maintenance of equipment by third-party organizations;
- Installation and configuration of software on user workstations;
- Development and implementation of measures to control the use of information technology, computer technology, organizational technology and communication facilities;
- Modernization of the applied technical means;
- Compilation of a list of necessary consumables for the repair of computer equipment;
- Ensuring the smooth functioning of computer networks and communication and server equipment, which includes:
• development of the LAN cable system;
• operational LAN administration;
• maintenance and modernization of active network equipment;
• maintenance and modernization of the server park;
• increasing the reliability and fault tolerance of the network;
• maintenance of server software and applied network programs;
• expanding the list of services provided to network users;
• accumulation of information about network infrastructure and connection diagram;
- Network needs analysis and user support;
- Assigning network users logins and access rights;
- Information and communication technical support during cultural, educational and administrative events by the University;
- Preparation of technical specifications for the purchase:
• servers;
• computer equipment and components;
• active network equipment;
• means of control and management of network infrastructure;
• peripheral equipment;
• consumables for computer and office equipment;


- Equipment consists of 1106 computers, 6 servers providing connection to the Internet and the functioning of the University corporate network.
- Students and staff of the medical university have access to all educational information resources.
- The educational buildings of the University and the student dormitories in 2020 were connected to the Internet via fiber-optic communication lines at a speed of 200mb/s.
- The lecture halls of the university are equipped with presentation, acoustic and projection equipment, lecture tribunes.

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city
Beybitshilik st. 49a
4th floor, Office No.409.
Phone: 8 (7172) 577 901