Department of infrastructure development


Tusipov Ruslan

Director of department

2001 - graduated Taraz State University named after M.Dulati, got qualification “Engineer”.

2010-2014 master's degree in business administration, Moscow Technological Institute "MTU", Moscow.

Information about the positions held.

2018 - 2019 - Managing Director at Republican State enterprise on the Right of Economic Management “National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices” of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2017-2018 - Director of the Department of Technical Expertise, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board JSC "KazMedTech" the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2013-2017 - Head of the non-medical equipment maintenance sector, deputy head of the engineering and technical services department at JSC National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center.

2015 - Head of the Operations and Maintenance Department for the facilities of LLP “USM Astana” (subsidiary of Autonomous Educational Organization "NAZARBAYEV UNIVERSITY").

2011 - 2013 - Head of the strategic development and project management department at LLP “Demeu-UMH” (a subsidiary of JSC National Medical Holding).

2008 - 2011 - Leading specialist in JSC "Energoinform" (subsidiary of JSC KEGOC).


Zhenisov Daniyar

Head of the Office

He was born 7 January 1986, total work experience of more than 9 years. He graduated in 2008 from the Almaty Law Academy of KazGUU, majoring in Law. Labor activity: 01.2017 - 04.2017 – JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center" Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Department of contract and claim work.

04.2017 07.2019 – JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center" Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Deputy Department of maintenance and project support.

Additional education: Moscow Business School (Head of Legal Services, Corporate Lawyer), Certificate of completion.


Formation story

Since the foundation of the Medical Institute in 1964, administration and maintenance activity has been organized, since 1997 it was called the Administrative - Maintenance Part (AMP), since 2004 maintenance management, in 2009 Service and maintenance department, from February 1, 2011 Service - economic management, from March 1, 2015 renamed into the Department of service and maintenance services, since September 9, 2019 renamed into the Department of Infrastructure Development.



Mission and goals

Development and maintenance of the University infrastructure and work environment in working condition; uninterrupted maintenance of the operation of buildings and structures; management of rental processes for non-residential premises; organization and conduct of public procurement of goods and services to improve the conditions of the educational process.


Provision of structural units of the University with material and technical resources, vehicles; improvement and implementation of new methods of work organization, including using of modern information technologies; expand and strengthen the material and technical base of the University; ensuring the efficient use of material and labor costs for the production of printed products; ensuring the organization of production and sale of printed products.


The formation of a unified information technology system of the University by organizing, on the basis of modern computer technology, a system for collecting, processing, storing and presenting information; provide dynamic assessment and information support, decision making, aimed at the development of IT-technologies and increasing the level of informatization.


Determination according to planning periods of the need for repair and maintenance and other needs of the University; maintenance of buildings and premises of the University and keeping them in good condition in accordance with the sanitary and fire regulations; the formation of current and future plans of reconstruction, capital and current repairs of buildings, University premises, water supply systems, air ducts and other structures; work on maintaining equipment in good working condition and equipment and mechanisms for operating University facilities.

Providing the University structural units with material and technical resources in accordance with the approved budget and public procurement plan of the University;

organization of landscaping, cleaning, festive, decoration of building facades and halls; according to the needs of internal units of the University in inventory and services to carry out activities to draw up a development plan and a public procurement plan; conducting monthly monitoring of public procurement, execution of applications from structural units of the University; ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the structural units of the University in servicing vehicles; ensuring the safety of working conditions; organization of work on the production of printed materials; ensuring high quality output of the necessary printed products; representation of services in copying, replication, small-print production.

Participation in the development and coordination of internal regulatory documents of the organization on issues within the competence of the department; Documentation of authority and responsibility of department employees (Development of the Regulations of the department and department staff instructions); Participation in the implementation of the mission, vision and strategic objectives of the University; Maintenance of the elements of the Integrated University Management System in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

Rational organization of work of the department of material and technical support; determination of the need for material and technical means and services, acceptance of applications from structural divisions of the Company for their acquisition and provision of services. The main activity of the department is monitoring and concluding an agreement with suppliers of services for servicing the elevator facilities, security and fire alarms, electronic walk-throughs and barriers; Providing instruction to all joint ventures and university staff on safety and labor protection according to the schedule; Preparation of documents and verification of compliance with fire safety standards, in accordance with the upcoming audit of the emergency department of the city of Nur-Sultan; Conducting training sessions for evacuation in cases of emergency; Military registration of recruits students, summing up at the end of the school year.

Printing production: newspapers, books, periodicals, business forms, greeting cards and support activities: bookbinding, plate-making and image processing; work is carried out by using various technologies and on various materials.

Ensuring the smooth functioning of systems and equipment, as well as the adoption of operational measures to eliminate violations arising in the process of work.

Monitoring the status of office equipment, computer and network equipment; monitoring compliance with the University’s information security rules; maintaining the University’s local network in a healthy state; information and communication support during the cultural, educational and administrative activities of the University.


Overhaul of the sports hall. Annually current and daily cosmetic repairs audience and educational buildings corridors.

Systematic monitoring of the implementation process. Development plan, monitoring the execution of applications from structural units (furniture repair, production of stands, seals, tablets, tables for the educational process for foreign students, production of fashion products, manufacturing of covers, wardrobe numbers, table flags, greeting cards, diplomas and folders). Uninterruptedly, work is being done by cleaning companies on cleaning the internal and adjacent territories, all objects are timely deratization, pest control, Industrial waste and Garbage removal, as part of city events, festive decoration of the facade is carried out, we make timely provision of goods and materials of the structural divisions of the University.

Timely execution of applications for the satisfaction of structural divisions and faculty for the provision of printed materials.

Uninterrupted operation of all technical equipment available at the university was achieved (burglar alarm, video surveillance, access control system, electronic checkpoints, elevators, safety measures).

IT department provides the purchase, installation and operation of all components of the University's computer network - cable systems, switching devices for information flows, network protection equipment, telephone system, provides development and support of university-wide network services, including official website, corporate email, electronic document management system, authorization and accounting system access to the network, repair of computer equipment, video surveillance, and more. All computers are united in a single local area network.

The total number of computers is 1124 pcs., 10 servers providing Internet connection and functioning of the corporate computer network of the University.

Almost all students and staff have access to the University’s information resources. Internet access for 873 computers is via a local area network (organized by means of a high-speed DSL channel from JSC KazakhTelecom at a speed of 70 Mbps for unlimited traffic, which allowed to increase the time for users to access the Internet.

University lecture halls are equipped with presentation equipment (acoustic and projection equipment, lecture stands, sound reinforcement and microphones with installation, projectors and screens with installation); multimedia projectors.

The electronic university management system is being developed. It is based on an analysis of the main business processes of university management organization, covers the organization of the educational process, scientific research management, personnel and economic complexes. The created single information space allows the subsystems, developing autonomously, to interact informationally with each other.


Contact data

Нұр-Сұлтан қаласы, Бейбітшілік көшесі 51, 51-корпус, 2 қабат 203 кабинет

телефоны: 8 (7172) 53-95-46

Бейбітшілік 49А 4 қабат, ішкі нөмір: 223