Accounting and Reporting Department


Volskaya Dana

Chief accountant


Mahanova Raushan Pashanayevna

Chief expert

Zhunusova Elvira Zhaksylykovna

Chief expert

Iskakova Amina Alkebazarovna

Chief expert

Esimbayeva Gaukhar Esenovna

Chief expert

Suleymenova Botagoz Maximovna

Chief expert

Zhanar Abzhanova Islamovna

Chief expert

Iklasova Samal Temirbulotovna

Chief expert

Baymoldina Kamar Sadykova

leading expert

Zhamankulova Dinara Kalymbekovna

Veading expert

Alpysbayeva Zhanel Sairanovna

leading expert

Nazymbekova Anar Bazargeldievna

leading expert

Ospanova Gulmira Seitbattalovna

leading expert


-In the framework of integrated management system, the aims of bookkeeping and accounting department correspond with the policy of integrated system of management of “AMU” and preserve the integrity of the integrated management system in the planning of educational services.

-To provide complete formation of reliable information about business processes and financial performance required for the operational management and governance of “AMU”.


-creation of an information system that allows assessment of the capital, assets, liabilities, income and expenses for any period of activity;

-timely and correct tax deductions, preparation and submission of financial statements;

-monitoring the presence and movement of property, the rational use of material, labor and financial resources in accordance with approved standards, regulations, estimates;

-timely prevention of negative phenomena in the economic and financial activities, control and identification (mobilization) of internal resources;

-ensuring timely settlements with creditors, the budget, off-budget funds, insurance funds, bank loans and borrowings;

-drawing up on time accounting and economic analysis of financial and economic activity of  “AMU”

-identification of internal resources, the implementation of measures to eliminate losses and waste;

-provision of the financial statements, budget execution, and other accounting and statistical reporting, presenting them in the prescribed manner to the relevant authorities;

-inventory of inventories, intangible assets, fixed assets, cash settlements, income and expenses, receivables and payables;

-the systematic calculation and control of the cash inflow from operating activities;

-development and introduction of rational planning and accounting documentation of progressive forms and methods of accounting on the basis of timely, computer equipment and information technology;

-ensuring the timely and qualitative preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on the movement of inventory and lubricants;

-implementation of payroll and other payments and payments to the employees, monitoring the spending of payroll;

-implementation of the reception, analysis and control time sheets and prepare them for the counting process;

-implementation of the monthly accrual and transfer of scholarships for students, academic staff and management of the contingent of students of accounting and scientific personnel;

-implementation of a systematic monitoring and adoption of the report in advance of reporting entities;

-implementation of accrual accounting and the costs of travel expenses for petty cash;

-implementation of the reception and processing of primary documents on calculations suppliers and contractors, monitoring the correctness of primary documents, their compliance with the actual volume of work performed, services provided, the set of inventory;

-control of external liabilities and financing.

-to ensure timely and full receipt of income and the distribution of financial flows together with the financial and economic department;

-monitoring the implementation of the financial plan and the budget together with the financial and economic department, monitor the implementation of the budget.

Contact data

Beybitshilik 49A, office 203, 212 
Tel: 8(7172) 53- 95- 40, 53- 95- 99, 57- 78- 92