Press office


Dinara Kozhakhmetova

Press Secretary, Head of the Press Service


Yeles Muratbek

Chief specialist

Marsel Galiulin

Leading specialist

Formation story

The center started working on 1st of September 2015, by the decision of the Management Board.


– conduction public policy which is aimed on clarifying the aims and content of educational programs

– implementation of measures to establish а public relations

– creation and maintain a positive image of the university;

– formation of favorable public opinion;

– organization works to create corporate style of University, and the work in advertising and PR;

– content of University website;

– updating and structuring site content (update, change and add text, graphic and video of University website)

– work with internal and external information sources and authors;

– selection of information which is printed on the website.


create and sustain a positive image of the university, network expansion of partners in IT environment.


formation the activities of University by means of mass media the  positive public opinion

University editorial publicity through the distribution of press releases and operational messages to the mass media about the events and activities which are held in the University, as well as through the provision of information interaction of the University management with journalists of the media;

organizational work with the journalists of mass media

prepare and conduct press conferences and briefings for University management;

assist the regional media to obtain information about the University and its activities;

creative interaction with the media in the posting of the University;

further training for the employees of the department;

partnering and involvement of mass media, the organization of bilateral meetings and events;

monitoring and formation the publications about the university for an archive

implementation of the distribution of press releases to the media of the city and the region about the events at the university;

advertising  image articles in the media about the university;

placement of promotional materials about the University on TV and radio;

preparation and publication of information on educational, scientific and educative activities at the University, the events with the participation of the University on Internet resources;

provide the content of University site, including information about intramural, city, regional, educational events, news for the  University and partners;

organization and conduct an open dialogue for University management  with the consumers of educational services through the creation of interactive applications (blogs, forums) of Rector, directors of institutes, deans of faculties, psychologists;

participation in the scientific and educational conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables of national and international level together with partners JSC "AMU";

post on the University website all types of reporting in order to guarantee transparency for key stakeholders (students, employers, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Finance, partners, suppliers);

сarrying out promotional activities and career guidance.

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city, Beybitshilik street, 51
2-nd floor, office No.205
phone: +7(7172) 24 90 01, int. 494, 504