HR service


Shornayeva Binara

Head of the Center

Higher education.
Specialty: Jurisprudence, Bachelor of International Law.
Specialty: Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Finance.
KPMA 02823 D dated 03/04/2020 - Certified Project Manager IPMA Level D.
201-AVISO-20 dated 02.2020 Anti-Corruption Management System Manager.
132-AVISO-20 from 02.2020 Risk manager.
31-AVISO-20 from 02.2020 Internal auditor of the quality management system.
61-AVISO-20 from 02.2020 Internal auditor of the integrated management system.
88-AVISO-20 from 02.2020 Internal auditor of the information security system.
No. Q01928 of 06.12.2019 Seminar on advanced training on the topic "HR management, practical aspects."
No. 17А1130015 dated 09/11/2017 at the end of 2017 Seminar on Agricultural Investment Project Management for Countries along the Land and Maritime Silk Roads.
No. КК67-15 dated 09.11.2017, completion of the "CorelDRAW" courses.
No. ОТ-058/2017 dated 30.11.2017 passing the seminar "Diagnostics of corporate governance: international and Kazakhstani experience".
No. 001374 dated 09.12.2017 passing the seminar "Corporate Governance: Fundamentals and Aspects". Corporate University "Samruk-Kazyna".

Formation story

The service was created by a decision of the Board of Directors in 2019 and has been operating since September 9, 2019.


Improving the system of corporate governance, planning and forecasting, monitoring staffing at the University, conducting an assessment and development of the University staff


Participate in the development of the University’s strategy, policies, plans, goals and objectives;

Participate in the preparation of staffing;

Participate in the organization and management of activities:

Participate in the formation of the University Organizational Structure in accordance with the objectives of its development;

Timely adjust certain provisions of the regulatory documentation in accordance with changes in legislation and changes in the activities of the University and in connection with its development;

Documentation of the area of authority and responsibility of employees of the unit (Regulations and job descriptions of employees);

Develop and fulfill the mission, visions and strategic goals of the University within the competence of the Service.

Provide consulting services to the heads of the University departments on corporate development, conflict resolution, labor motivation, labor organization and other issues within the competence of the Service;

Participate jointly with the heads of departments of the University in the process of placement and professional development of personnel based on the results of the competition

Conducting certification in order to confirm the compliance of employees with the positions they hold or the positions for which they apply, based on an assessment of their professional activities;

Conducting systematic analytical work within the framework of corporate governance and monitoring planned activities to improve and develop corporate governance at the University.

Contact data

st. Beibitshilik, 49a, 3rd floor,

tel: +7 (7172) 53-95-22, ext. 233.