University Infrastructure

The JSC “Astana Medical University” is located in Astana, Beybitshilik street, 49. Architectural solution of the university is very modern and corresponds to the best European standards. All the university corps are connected together, thus providing integrity and architectural unity of the complex. The second University building is located on Sary-Arka street. The number of students for the study year 2010-2011 amounts to: 5053 students, out of this number 1254 students are admitted to the 1st year on the basis of state’s general education grant, 201 students are admitted on the basis of contract, which is 29,1% greater in comparison to the study year 2009-2010 (in 2009 there were 897 students admitted to the 1st year, including 787 people on the basis of a grant). There are following figures on the degree choices: General Medicine - 1075, Public Health -198, Stomatology – 72, Nursing – 38, Pharmacy – 10, Medical-Prophylactic Business - 67. The number of students in postgraduate studies is 196 people, out of whom for the study year 2010-2011 were admitted: to the PhD – 4, Masters Degree in “Public Health” - 5, МВА – 15, Residency – 65. For nearly half a century history, the University has built a sound record of training real professionals for the domestic healthcare system. The main wealth of our university is the high potential of academic staff amounting to more than 700 people.
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At present, educational, scientific research, clinical, and pedagogical work at the university is provided by the specialists of 61 departments, where 704 regular lecturers are working, among which there are 97 Doctors of Science, 231 Candidates of Science, 65 Professors with the academic status, 72 Associate Professors, 3 Doctors of Philosophy.
University’s academic staff is distinguished by the high level of qualifications and competency. The share of lecturers holding academic statuses and degrees amounts to 46.7%.