Center for Master's and Doctoral studies


Aizhan Kulmirzaeva

Head of the Center


Arstanova Togzhan

chief specialist

Turar Olzhas

leading specialist

Formation story

Dean's office of postgraduate education was organized in September 2010, before that it operated as a center of postgraduate education. The Dean's office was a scientific and administrative structural subdivision of NAO "Astana Medical University".

Due to the change in the organizational structure and staffing of NAO "Astana Medical University" on September 9, 2019, the Dean's office of postgraduate education was reorganized into the Center of Master's and Doctoral studies.


Preparation and coordination of activities of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification of various profiles in the form of master's degree, PhD for the health care system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the law on full-time education.


- Formation of skills of independent research and pedagogical activity of undergraduates, PhD doctoral students and control of its implementation in accordance with the approved individual curricula;

- Control over the organization and progress of educational work, accounting for the contingent of students and their progress, attendance, analysis of exam results, development of proposals to improve the organization of the educational process and improve the quality of training of undergraduates, PhD students;

- Interaction with other departments of the University in accordance with the curriculum, organization and control in accordance with the schedule of classes.

Contact data

NJSC "Astana medical university"

010000, Nur-Sultan city, Beybitshilik str., 49 а

53-building, 510 office

phone: 8 7172 270177