Institute of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection


Kazymbet Polat Kazymbetovich

Director of Institute
doctor of Medical Sciences, professor


Bakhtin Meirat Muhamedkarimovich

Deputy Director of Institute
doctor of Biological Sciences, professor

Djanabayev Duisenbai Dzhanabaeva

Head of the Department

Kashkinbaev Erlan Tursynbaevich

Head of the Department

Sharipov Maksat Kairatovich

chief researcher
master of science

Ibraeva Ayagoz Kairollakyzy


Muratova Gulzamira Taubatyrkyzy


Ilbekova Kuralay Bakytbekkyzy


Medetkhan Riza


Aumalikova Moldir Nurlankyzy

leading researcher

Ibraeva Danara Seitkazievna

leading researcher

Bakytzhan Gulmarzan

senior researcher

Budko Olga Genadievna

research fellow

Ahanova Zinagul Ahanovna


Karabekova Assel Sasina

junior researcher

Skakov Marat Zhubanyshuly

senior lab assistant

Jumamuratova Aksulu Tastemirovna

senior lab assistant

Davletbayeva Jamilya Umirzakovna

lab assistant

Rakhmetova Anargul Kairbekovna

lab assistant

Formation story

Institute was founded based on Radiobiological science center of university, which was opened in 2004, in 2010 was renamed into "Institute of Radiobiology Research", and in 2014 was renamed into “Institute of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection”. During this time, the Institute completed a number of major scientific and technological grants concerning the problems of medical provision in radiation safety for the population in uranium mining, mining and oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan, prepared 10 doctors and more than 15 candidates of medical and biological sciences.


to achieve the competitiveness of research and development in the field of radiobiology, radiation medicine, hygiene and radioecology, aimed at solving urgent problems related to the medical provision in radiation safety of the population and the training of academic staff, which meets international quality standards.


–Development of priority scientific programs and research in the field of radiobiology, radiation epidemiology, radiation medicine, radiation hygiene, radiation environment and radiation genetics;

–The development of science, integrating research and education programs;

–Preparation of highly qualified academic staff in the field of radiobiology and radiation medicine in undergraduate, postgraduate studies and PhD programme;

–Implementation of research results into practical health care and other fields;

–To widen the international cooperation in the field of Radiation Medicine and Radiobiology with leading institutions      with neighboring countries and beyond;

–Staff development in various departments of radiation safety, occupational health, occupational diseases;

–Provision of paid services in order to determine levels of compliance with radiation safety standards in residential and industrial buildings, environmental objects.


Scientific directions of the Institute:

–Complex radiobioecological research in objects of the environment in uranium mining, mining and oil-producing regions;

–Scientific-methodological foundations in medical provision of radiation safety for employees in radiation hazardous enterprises;

–Analysis and evaluation of public health in uranium mining, mining and oil and gas regions;

–Development of methods for cleaning areas contaminated with radionuclides;

–Implementation of research and development by IRRP employees according to individual plans on approved topics;

–Providing scientific guidance to students, employees (undergraduates, PhD students, residents) and applicants from other medical institutions.

The Institute carries out its activities based on the following licenses:

–Committee for Atomic Energy, Industry and New Technologies Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Provision of services in the field of nuclear power engineering» №0002228 from 23.11.2009

–Committee of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in Astana city on the following types of medical activities, "Sanitation and laboratory research: the sanitary-chemical, measurement of physical factors (noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields and other), radiometry and dosimetry» №0022915 from 23.04.2010

–Committee for Atomic Energy, Industry and New Technologies Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Special training of specialists and staff for activities related to the use of nuclear energy» №0002602 from 31.04.2011

–Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Education and Science Ministry in the Republic of Kazakhstan "Training PhD students on a specialty "Medicine ", "Training of PhD students on a specialty 6D060700 – "Biology"

–Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Education and Science Ministry in the Republic of Kazakhstan "Training of masters on a specialty "Medicine" with section "Radiobiology", "Training masters on a specialty 6M060700 – “Biology”.

Research program is developing in the Institute:

"Integrated approaches in health management of the Aral region population" (2014-2016).

Educational activities in 2015-2016 academic year

–Undergraduate studies. Faculties: Medical and preventative care;

–Postgraduate studies and PhD – doctoral studies on a specialty «Medicine ", "Biology» (radiobiology);

–In 2013 3 master's students accepted in "Biology" and 1 PhD –student in "Medicine", in 2014 1 master's student in "Biology" and 1 master's student in "Medicine" accepted;

–The lessons are conducting for 3rd year students of the faculty "Medical and preventative care" according to the educational program for the discipline "Radiation Hygiene";

–Elective course "Radiation Effects and Radiation Safety" for the 3rd year students of faculty "General Medicine";

–Courses for staff development on "Radiation Safety", «Radiation Hygiene";

–Supervision of the Student Scientific Group.

Types of paid services:

–certification of workplaces in enterprises;

–educational courses for staff development: on "Radiation safety when working with sources of ionizing radiation", "Radiation safety when working with sealed sources and devices generating ionizing radiation"; "Radiation Hygiene", "Radiation safety when working with ray inspection system", "Dosimetrist";

–development of guidelines for the prevention and reduction of morbidity in enterprises;

–measurement of gamma radiation EDR and flux density of alpha-, beta- particles;

–measurement of radon EEVA;

–preparation of samples for radiospectrometer and radiochemical research;

–radiospectrometric definition 232ТҺ, 40К, 137Cs, 226Ra;

–radiospectrometric definition of radiochemical preparation 238U, 234U, 232ТҺ, 230ТҺ, 228ТҺ

–radiometric definition with the radiochemical preparation 226Ra, 228Ra, 210Pb, 210Po, total alpha and beta activity of water samples.

Contact data

Beibitshilik st. 49А,  705 office, Аstana. 

Tel: 8(7172) 53-94-48; 53-94-39

Fax: 8 (7172) 53-94-48