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Nazira Kenzhegulova

Psychologist, Sujok therapist (Korea).
She graduated from the Taraz Innovation and Humanities University with a degree in Pedagogy and Psychology, Faculty of Public Health in NJSC “AMU”. She began her career in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
She has been working at Astana Medical University since 2005.


Gaziza Akhmetova

chief specialist

Oleg Tsoy

chief specialist

Farida Kassenova

Chief Specialist

Mensulu Sadvakassova

chief specialist

Maral Amanzholova

leading specialist

Maira Sydykova

leading specialist

Burgenbayeva Saltanat Seydullaevna

leading specialist

Karlygash Uatbayeva

leading specialist

Kenzhegul Talassova

leading specialist

Arailym Ospanova


Zhanara Janabayeva


Bibigul Aitmagambetova


Gulsum Sautbekova


Olga Svistunova


Danagul Mukhambetzhan


Formation story

The Center for the Support of Publications, Literature library and the Museum of the University was created in 2019 and has united 3 departments: the center for information and educational resources, the department for supporting publications, evidence-based literature and the editors of scientific journals and an electronic museum.


Promotion of scientific achievements of Kazakhstani medicine on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, advisory and methodological support and publication of scientific research results, expansion of the geography of distribution of journals, involvement of authors from near and far abroad.

Formation, preservation and augmentation of the library fund in accordance with the profile of the University and the information needs of readers, continuous improvement of the reference and bibliographic apparatus and databases, coordination and cooperation with libraries, scientific and technical information bodies and other institutions to more fully satisfy the readers' needs in literature.

Formation of the student’s cultural, moral and aesthetic personality by fostering an active civic position, developing a sense of patriotism, pride in the achievements of teachers and employees of the University, professional orientation of students of schools and applicants, participating in the formation of a positive image through the development of unique historical values ​​of the University Museum.


In order to adapt first-year students, as well as to familiarize them and students of other courses with the history and achievements of the university, the University Museum conducts survey and thematic excursions for students throughout the year. Also, as part of the university’s educational work, the Museum conducts excursions for graduates of the city’s schools. Museum employees annually prepare films about the university’s anniversaries, as well as stands containing their photos and biographies; on June 1, on the “International Children's Day”, museum employees organize a feast for the university’s children, on the occasion of International Women's Day - March 8 organizes an exhibition of applied art among women of JSC "Medical University of Astana" and women working in higher educational institutions of the city of Nur-Sultan.

The publication of original scientific articles highlighting the health problems of residents of Kazakhstan and its border regions, achievements in the field of biomedical sciences, the introduction of modern medical technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.


The attendance of the museum increased by students of JSC "Medical University of Astana", parents of students, applicants, and schoolchildren. The attendance of the museum increased by foreign scientists who came to JSC "Medical University of Astana" and graduates of previous years. The museum’s equipment has been increased with showcases dedicated to university anniversaries. Electronic expositions were created: “The Golden Fund of TsSMI”, reproductions of paintings by A. Kasteev, Dresden Gallery. Every year, the requirements for the information potential of the library, the quality of user service are increasing. The university’s electronic library is developing, including its own information resources and databases, access to which can be provided using network technologies.

Contact data

University Museum: 56-98-61

Scientific publication:  int.459

Library: 53-95-33 int.367