Faculty of public health and management


Dalenov Yerbolat


Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition
Dalenov Yerbolat Derbisalievich was born on September 8, 1946 in the state farm of Engels, Kazalinsky district, Kyzyl-Orda region. In 1963, he graduated from high school with a silver medal and in the same year entered the medical faculty of the Tselinograd State Medical Institute (TSMI). After graduating from the Institute in 1969, for his demonstrated ability for research work, he was sent to the target postgraduate course in pathological physiology at the Rostov State Medical Institute, where he prematurely, on November 5, 1972, brilliantly defended his PhD thesis. After the defense, Yerbolat Derbisalievich returned to his native Tselinograd State Medical Institute, where from 1972 to 1975 he worked as an assistant at the Department of Pathophysiology, from 1975 as a senior teacher, and from 1983 to 1994 as an associate professor of the department, in parallel with 1976-1977 he headed the inter-cathedral research laboratory and was deputy dean of the Medical Faculty of the TSMI.
Since 1994, E. D. Dalenov has been a professor of the Department of Pathophysiology, and since 1995 he has become the head of the Department of Medical Chemistry.
From 2001 to date Dalenov Erbolat Derbisaliev head of the Department of preventive medicine nutrition.


Aigerm Baimagambetova



Vice-Dean of Faculty

Shvarts Valerii


Candidate of Medical Sciences

Vice-Dean of Faculty

Sholykbayeva Aues

Chief specialist

Aiymbekova Karlygash


Formation story

The faculty was established in 2002. The main departments of the faculty are the Department of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition and the Department of Public Health.

From 2012 to 2019, the specialty "Public Health" was part of the faculty of "Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry", the Dean of the faculty was candidate of medical sciences, associate professor A.A. Karibzhanov. By the No. 7 Decision of the Board of NCJSC "Astana Medical University" dated from 07.24.2019, was transformed into the Faculty of Public Health and management.


-      To ensure the quality of training of competent and competitive professionals who own innovative technologies and knowledge, by providing medical services in accordance with national and international standards of quality and safety in modern public health;

-     Implementation of innovative and quality management systems in the field of medical education and practical healthcare based on the trinity of science, education and practice;

-     International partnership with leading global medical universities, public health schools and research centers.

Mission and goals

The mission of the faculty: providing an integrated approach to the preparation of highly qualified competitive specialists in the healthcare system, ensuring their continuous professional development through the integration of education, science and practice.


The dean’s work is carried out in accordance with the orders and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in accordance with the approved the Regulations on the Faculty and Dean’s office, Job descriptions and functional instructions. At planned meetings of the Dean’s office considers questions of the departments' readiness for the new academic year, student performance and attendance; analysis and results of examination sessions; the implementation of educational, educational work, living conditions and leisure students; curatorial and mentoring work and others.

The dean’s staff works with low-performing students to identify reasons for missing lessons by students. Information and decisions of the dean’s office, measures taken for violations are promptly communicated to students and employees of the departments.

Today, faculty departments are actively implementing innovative teaching methods into the educational process, with new forms of control, modern methods of disease prevention and treatment, as well as expanding international cooperation with foreign partners in educational and clinical activities, and are actively attracting students to research work.

State Compulsory Educational Standard (Bachelor) in the specialty "Public Health" allows within the framework of this specialty to prepare specialists in two of the most popular areas (training path): "Politics and Management in Health Care" and "Prevention and Epidemiology".

At the end of the bachelor's degree, the graduate receives a diploma with an academic degree - a bachelor of healthcare in the specialty 5B110200 "Public Health".

Contact data

Nur-Sultan, st. Beibitshilik, 49a, office 215

tel .: 8 (7172) 53-94-58, 53-94-80,

ent. 226

e-mail: baimagambetova.a@amu.kz