Chair of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry


Sumanova Aigul

Head of the Chair , Candidate of Sciences in Medicine, associated professor
In 1987, she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Karaganda State Medical Institute. 
1987-1988 - intern, 1988-1989 - dentist of the dental clinic №1 in Karaganda. 
In 1989-1994, she studied in post-graduate school at the department of therapeutic dentistry of the Kazakh National Medical University named after Asfendiyarov S. In 1994, she defended her the thesis for the Candidate's Degree. 
From 1994 to 2003, she was an assistant at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of the Kazakh National Medical University named after Asfendiyarov S. 
From 2003 to 2007 - associated professor of department of dentistry at the Kazakh State Medical Academy. 
In 2007-2009 years – Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of  JSC «Astana Medical University». In 2009-2014 - Associate Professor, 2014-2018 – Professor, since 2018 – Head of the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry in NJSC «Astana Medical University»


Sagyndyk Khasan

Professor, Candidate of Sciences in Medicine

Kozhakov Bauyrzhan

Associated professor, Candidate of Sciences in Medicine

Detochkina Violetta

Associated professor, Candidate of Sciences in Medicine

Shabanbayeva Zhanar

Associated professor, Candidate of Sciences in Medicine

Paiziyeva Zarina

Associated professor, PhD

Okhas Gulmerey

Assistant, Master of Medicine

Adilbekov Daniyar

Assistant, Master of Economics and Business

Sugurbayev Adil


Sultanova Aigerim


Shakimzhanova Zergul

Assistant, Master of Educational Sciences

Zhinalys Tolkyn


Dauletbekkyzy Aisulu


Zhanabilov Alzhan

Assistant, Master of Business and Management

Abdilmanova Dina

Assistant, Master of Educational Sciences

Formation story

Prior to the creation of the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry, only specialized department of dentistry, organized in 2003, conducted the training of dentists at the university. Due to the increase in the number of students studying in the specialty of "Dentistry" and educational hours in profiling disciplines, in March 2007, the Department of Dentistry divided into two: the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry and the Department of Orthopedic and Pediatric Dentistry. PhD Zhumadilova Anara headed the Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Dentistry. From 2011 to 2018, a Candidate of Sciences in Medicine, Professor Batyrov Tuleubay, chaired the department.


The aim is to train dentists in accordance with the requirements of professional and educational standards, as well as competitive in the labor market scientific and educational staff.


The main goal and task of the department is training qualified dentists. To achieve this goal department actively carried out training, scientific, research, and clinical, educational work. The amount of students at the department includes 2-5 year students of the specialty "Dentistry", intern-dentist in general practice, as well as students working for master's degree, doctoral students, and undergraduate students. Training is conduct in the leading sections of the specialty - therapeutic and surgical dentistry, maxillofacial surgery.
The department is located in the academic building of the University located on Saryarka Avenue, 33. The Department has the following clinical bases: "Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery", the main military hospital of the Ministry of Defense, The City Children's Hospital No.2, City Hospital No.2, "Dentistry" Training and clinical center, "Elitestom" Dental clinic.
The faculty of the department is actively involved in the development of training plans and programs, lectures, test assignments, methodical materials in the disciplines of the "Dentistry" specialty. 
The faculty of the department improves pedagogical and professional qualifications, hosts training seminars on modern teaching methods (PBL, TBL, CBL, etc.), and introduces innovative learning technologies into the educational process every year. 
The department is actively engaged in research work. Priority scientific areas of the department are dental implantology, periodontal disease and diseases of the oral mucosa. 
The department's staff annually participate in international scientific conferences, republican congresses and conferences, giving presentations.
With the active participation of the department's leadership in Nur-Sultan (Astana), the First International Conference on Current Dentistry held in 2010, which marked the beginning of subsequent conferences and became a traditional annual platform for the exchange of experience between scientists and practicing dentists. 
With the assistance of the department's management and staff, held several conferences to mark the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Astana (2012), the 20th anniversary of the city of Astana (2018), the 70th anniversary of Prof. Batyrov T. (2019), and the 2019 International Student Dental Olympics (2019).
On clinical platforms, the department's staff is actively working to provide qualified dental care. The leading teachers of the department are consultants of dental clinics and departments of maxillofacial surgery of city hospitals.


In 2008-2009 Teachers of the department defended 2  theses for the Candidate's Degree. Under the leadership of professors Batyrov T., Sumanova A., Sagyndyk Kh., were successfully defended 5 theses for the Master’s Degree, 1 thesis for the Ph.D. Employees of the department received 1 patent, published more than 40 scientific works, including 5 with impact factor.
The teaching staff of the department (prof. Sumanova A., prof. Batyrov T., prof. Sagyndyk Kh., associate professor Kozhakov B., assistant professor Shabanbaeva Zh., assistants Sugurbayev A., Adilbekov D.) prepared and published 15 editions of educational and methodical literature (monographs, training manuals, methodological guidelines), received 1 act of introducing an innovative teaching method.
Employees of the department have been repeatedly encouraged by the leadership of the university, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and dental associations for conscientious and working for many years.
For his contribution to the development of the industry in 2015, Professor Batyrov T., Professor Sumanova A., Associate Professor Baibulova K., Associate Professor Detochkina V., Associate Professor Shabanbayev Zh. awarded Gold Medals of the Kazakhstan Dental Association. In 2016, Associate Professor Detochkina V. received a Letter of Thanks from the Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Republic.
In 2017, Professor Batyrov T. and Associate Professor Baibulova K. at the International Congress of Dentists "Innovations in Dentistry-2017" in Astana were awarded the FDI Honorary Pennant, the Kazakhstan Dental Association, the United Kazakhstan Dental Association "For contribution to the development of dental science and education" and listed as a "Golden Foundation of Dental Sciences of Kazakhstan." Associate Professor Detochkina V. was a nominee of the University's Best Lecturer Award (2017).
Professor Sumanova A. in honor of Independence Day awarded the certificate of the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan "For achievements and significant contribution to the spiritual and social development of independent Kazakhstan" (2017).
Senior laboratory technician Bodykova G. (2018), assistant Yergalieva U. (2019) awarded honorary certificates of the "Kazakhstan Branch Union of Health Workers."
In 2019, the head of the department, Professor Sumanova A., awarded the Honorary Certificate of the Minister of Health for his fruitful work and contribution to the development of health care. 

Contact data

Nur-Sultan city, Saryarka Avenue 33, 418, 422 off., 
phone No.: 8 (7172) 44-39-73