Tomorrow, on July 29, 2021, an online seminar will be held for medical workers on the topic “Coronavirus infection COVID-19: Management of adult patients (including pregnant women). Features of the course of the delta strain of coronavirus infection. Speaker – Gulsara Imambayeva, infectious disease specialist, PhD, associate professor of the Chair of Infectious Diseases of Astana Medical University. Volume – 3 hours (3-6 pm).
According to the program of webinars on coronavirus infection, on July 28, 2021 on the topic “Features of lung damage in coronavirus infection. Features of treatment. Antibiotic therapy site. Postcoid rehabilitation” will speak Irina Mukatova – pulmonologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the Chair of Internal Diseases No.3 of the Astana Medical University. The volume of the online seminar is 3 hours (3-6 pm).
Today, July 27, as part of the planned COVID-19 webinars, seminars will be held on the topics: • “Respiratory therapy for COVID-19” – speaker Evgeny Merenkov, anesthesiologist, resuscitator of the highest qualification category, head of the department of onco-hematological resuscitation of the National Scientific Center of Oncology and Transplantology. Volume: 3 hours (3:00-6:00 pm). • Continuation: “Coronavirus infection in children: diagnosis, clinical picture, differential diagnosis, complication and treatment” – speaker Dinagul Bayesheva, pediatric infectious disease specialist, MD, professor, head of the department of pediatric infectious diseases, Astana Medical University. Volume: 6 hours / 2 days (3:00-6:00 pm).
Today, with the organization of the Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education of the University, a series of webinars on coronavirus infection has started. The lecturers are: Nurzhamal Akhmadyar, MD, professor, Head of the Chair of Clinical Pharmacology. On the topic “Rational pharmacotherapy of COVID-19” Dinagul Bayesheva, MD, professor, Head of the Chair of Children’s Infectious Diseases. On the topic “Coronavirus infection in children: diagnosis, clinical picture, differential diagnosis, complication and treatment”.
The 2020-2021 academic year for Astana Medical University was full of various events, including the launch of the AccelEd project. Its purpose is to improve the quality of training for nurses and the development of nursing science in Kazakhstan. The beginning of the project was a two-session kick-off meeting, in the organization of which our university took an active part. During the first half of the year, the project partners organized and carried out a number of activities aimed at developing the research potential of master and doctoral students, as well as improving the qualifications of nursing teachers.
20.07.2021 Happy anniversary!
We sincerely congratulate on the anniversary of the excellent worker of public health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest qualification category with extensive teaching experience of more than thirty years, head of the Chair of obstetrics and gynecology No.2 Serik Iskakov.
Graduates are a special pride of Astana Medical University. Throughout its history, the capital’s medical school has graduated 23,015 talented healthcare workers. This year, 1,022 young specialists have been graduated from NJSC “AMU”, of which 81 graduates received diplomas of honors. Unfortunately, this year the university did not carry out the official ceremony due to the epidemiological situation, but we keep feeling pride, joy and satisfaction for our graduates. Now they can find a job according to their qualifications: nurses, GPs, family doctors, therapists, surgeons, pharmacists, dentists etc.