Department of Innovative Development


Iskakova Akmaral Gibratovna

Head of the Department


Akhmetzhanova Aigerim Bulatovna

leading specialist

Sandybayeva Aidana Amirkhanovna


Balgabek Guldana Meldekhanovna


Alkeyeva Altyn Kuandykkyzy


Formation story

Innovative Development Office was established in August 10, 2018 on the initiative of Provost of JSC  “Astana Medical University” Filippo Bartoccioni.


Promotion of innovative development and expansion of the innovative network of the University.


     interaction with international offices abroad in order to promote the company and innovative cooperation;

     support for entrepreneurs, new start-ups and support services in the field of Innovation Planning, in particular, innovations that have great potential;

     participation in the development, promotion and implementation of activities in the field of development of the University, as well as in projects for the development of innovative activities;

     “Project management” Management of innovative projects

     development and coordination of documents in the field of innovative development; cooperation in the field of innovative development;

     participation in organizing conferences, meetings, exhibitions and competitions within the competence of the Department;


Innovative development office works towards establishing networking and relationships to attract innovative facilities

Contact data

Astana Beibitshilik 49A,

53-96-43,  int. 342