Department of international cooperation and academic mobility

Department of international cooperation and academic mobility




Bilan Liliya IvanovnaHead of the Department, M.A. 


Aimagambetova Gulim SaidylevnaChief specialist 

Job focus: Coordinator on international projects, participation in the organization, planning, management and analysis of department work on international cooperation in the field of public health, record keeping of the Department.



Zhunusova Saltanat SapargeldiyevnaLeading specialist

Job focus: Coordination the preparation and implementation of plans on international academic mobility programs for students and teaching staff at the University, informing and advising teachers/staff and students about opportunities in the field of international academic mobility.



Shakenova Botakoz SagyndykovnaSpecialist

Job focus: Specialist of Passport and Visa providing, consulting services for the preparation of documents for a visa, residence permit, permission to stay, registration in the Department of Internal Affairs of Migration Police in Astana, record keeping of the Department.



Jampeissova Aiganym Zhanmurzakyzy Specialist

Job focus: Responsible for coverage of international activities on the University`s website, reception of foreign delegations, interpreter.




Department of the International Cooperation and academic mobility is actively developing cooperation with the foreign universities, it can be proofed by signing contracts with more than 70 organizations in the field of medical education and health care.

The development of the international activity of the University is closely connected with the development of the international activity of the country and health, as it is conducted in accordance with the Kazakhstan open doors policy, relying on state support of local initiatives, to attract foreign capital, advanced foreign technologies and knowledge in order to promote transformation of the society. This activity is organized in accordance with the Charter of the University, Charters and the principles of international organizations and bilateral agreements with foreign partners and carried out through the establishment and strengthening of contacts with international organizations and representing the interests of structural units of the University in the international arena.

Nowadays, the University has developed strong links with universities and educational centers around the globe.

Within the development of international relations is carried out close cooperation with foreign embassies, academic centers (universities, medical schools, research centers) and clinics in the country and abroad; International organizations (WHO, USAID, UNESCO, European Commission, World Bank, etc.).

The University actively participates in international educational programs:

Cooperation with the American Councils for Foreign Education, organization of presentations of international programs, funded by the US government for the students and faculty of the University, the annual participation in the exhibition "Education without Borders";

Continued cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) - organization joint activities, assistance in preparing applications for scholarships;

Cooperation with the Center for International Programs "Bolashak";

Cooperation with other international organizations, language and cultural centers.

The development of international scientific technical programs and projects.

International grants:

Within the framework of the EU program "Tempus", together with KarGMU and partners from Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Ukraine, received a grant to implement the project "Creation of an interregional network of national centers for medical education, aimed at the introduction of problem-based learning and virtual patients".

Within the signed agreement on cooperation between AMU with Japan's Hiroshima University Research Institute for Radiobiology is implementing a joint research project "Investigation of the genetic resources of local pets, birds and wild animals in Kazakhstan."

Moreover, received a grant from the World Health Organization to implement the project "The program of study tropical diseases",  for 3 years.

At the end of 2015 – the beginning of 2016 professors from leading universities in the world - Singapore, United Kingdom, Lithuania were invited to give lectures on postgraduate education programs and MBA. Among them were: Professor Daniel Nigel Wood, College of Urology LondonUniversity (UK), Professor Albinas Stankus Klaipeda University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Klaipeda (Lithuania), Professor Ye Htut and Maler Veli College Parkway (Singapore).

In October 2015, together with KGMU and partners from Greece, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Vietnam began work on the implementation of the grant project of the European Union KA 2 Capacity building in the field of higher education "TAME" (Training against medical errors). Link:

In February 2016 the Department of the International Cooperation and academic mobility established cooperation with formal representatives of Indian organizations to attract foreign students to study at JSC "Astana Medical University". In February 2016 an agreement about attracting foreign students from India with Mr. Mahesh Kumar was signed for 2017-2018.

India +919821125123, 

Kazakhstan +7 777 666 07 98.


In 2016 at the initiative of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with the participation of Department launched a global project "Strategic Partnership", which initially involves the analysis of the current situation among medical universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the priority areas of the strategic partnership. Within the project, oriented for 2016-2020 the strategic partners of JSC "Astana Medical University" would be  leading universities and clinics included in the Top 100 of the world ranking.

The participation of JSC "Astana Medical University" in international projects was intensified in the framework of Erasmus +. In a joint project with Finland "Reform of modern nursing education", oriented for 2015-2018, key action 1 "Mobility of students and staff," TAME "Training against medical errors", key action 2 "Cooperation in the field of innovation and the exchange of experience –capacity building in the field of Higher education", in early 2016 1 teacher and 1 student received a scholarship of the project and were trained in Finland. According to Mevlana project in 2015-2018 together with the Akdeniz University, Turkey, in the framework of academic mobility in Antalya studied 4th year student of the Faculty of General Medicine of JSC "Astana Medical University" key action "Mobility of students and staff".

JSC "Astana Medical University" by submitting a request, received in February 2016 international certificate UNAI interaction with academic districts of the UN and became a full member of UNAI.

United Nations initiative "The interaction with the academic community (UNAI)" Department of Public Information is a global initiative of the Secretary-General, aimed at enhancing co-operation with higher education institutions in support of United Nations goals. Participation in the initiative gives universities all the benefits of membership in the growing network of students and scientists engaged in active work on the organization of activities and research in order to create a single global intellectual culture of responsibility towards society. UNAI members may carry out activities in their institutions, develop strategies and implement programs to promote the principles underlying the United Nations initiative "The interaction with the academic community."

In 2015 and early 2016 following memorandums and agreements on cooperation were signed:

- Vitebsk State Order of Peoples Friendship Medical University, Republic of Belarus

- Tashkent pediatric medical Institute (Uzbekistan)

- Samarkand state medical Institute (Uzbekistan)

- The European Academy of Natural Sciences, Hanover (Germany)

- School of Management, Barcelona (Spain)

- College of Medicine, Seoul National University (South Korea)

- Novosibirsk State Medical University (Russian Federation)

- Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

- University of Applied Sciences HAMK (Finland)

- University of Applied Sciences YAMK (Finland)

- Akdeniz University (Turkey) 

Within these partnerships, the programs are implemented for academic mobility of students and teaching staff. During the academic school year 2 student of the faculty "General Medicine" will be held elective course "Surgery" at Seoul National University. In addition to this, on the faculty of the "Nursing" is a competition for the selection of students for the 2016-2017. 6 people, 3 students and 3 teachers will go to Finland. One student currently is studying in Finland and one student in Turkey.

According to previous agreements group of 10 students were trained in Bulgaria. Realization of international cooperation and academic mobility is planned with all international partners, conducted a search for new strategic partners in Austria, Singapore, UK, carried out correspondence and negotiations for the new master classes, seminars, conferences, and participation in them abroad.


After acquiring the status of JSC Medical University Astana (further – University) in January 2009, the sector of the international cooperation has been reorganized into department of the international cooperation of University (further - Department). The department carries out the activity on the basis of the Charter of University, the Provision of the Department.

University Development Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 is developed and approved, which is a basis for a long-term and current planning work on international cooperation, implementation of appropriate policies, addressing organizational, financial and personnel management issues of international activities of other medical schools.

International university activities are carried out under the leadership of vice-rector for scientific and clinical activities d.m.s. Galitsky F.A.

Department of International Cooperation and academic mobility is a subdivision of the Department of Strategic Development.



The main aim of the international cooperation and academic mobility department is to contribute to the development of educational and scientific activities of the University in accordance with the requirements of the international organization of the educational process and the development of science, the development and strengthening of international relations and business partnerships with foreign universities, international educational and business organizations, companies and corporations, the implementation of academic mobility.


Development and organization of activities for the development of international relations at the University;

Establishment and development of relations of the University with foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations;

Cooperation with leading universities and hospitals abroad in the field of medical education and science;

Assistance in attracting foreign professors and lecturers from foreign countries, exchange of students and experts with foreign partners;

Preparing and conducting the reception of foreign delegations arriving in the JSC "Astana Medical University" with official, work, informal (private) visits, visits by travel, organization of seminars, international conferences;

Administrative and legal support of foreign nationals arriving in the JSC "Astana Medical University" to the training courses, study or internship. 


Bilateral and multilateral cooperation / partnership and exchange;

Membership in international associations / institutions and cooperation with them in the field of medical education and science;

Contacts with the diplomatic representatives of other countries;

Participation in international programs and projects;

Invitation and reception of foreign students, scholars and teachers at the university, ensuring their co-ordination of work / study and stay in Kazakhstan;

ensure coordination of foreign business trips of employees of the University;

Provision of protocol functions.

Since the beginning of 2009 with a view to an effective and efficient development of the International Relations Department of International Cooperation participates in all the activities taking place both within the university and beyond.

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