Department of Scientific

Department of Science



Akanov Amangali Baltabekovich - chief of science department


Tultayeva Botagoz  Serikovna - leading specialist of science department
Suleimenov Samat  Kenshimbekovich - leading specialist of science department
Moldahmetova Laura  Kuatovna - specialist of science department


Implementation of international research standards (GCP, GLP, GCLP) and management of scientific research:

Active use of the resources of domestic and foreign funding organizations:

1. Provision of regular participation of university staff in applying for participation in tenders for grants

2. Provide training on management of scientific research in accordance with the international recommendations

3. Providing information on the opening of tenders for the provision of research grant

Increasing the volume and quality of scientific publishing:

1. The increase higher requirements for the University publications in scientific journals

2. The creation of conditions for the growth of publicity professorial teaching staff and students in peer-reviewed international journals and increase the number of university staff with the active citation index of scientific papers

3. Provide information on the journals with impact factor in the direction of the applicant's activities

Ensuring conditions for increasing the volume and growth of competitiveness and commercialization intellectual property of the university:

   1. Active promotion of scientific research and innovation in education and practices developed by the staff of the university in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad

      2.   Increase the volume of patenting scientific research

Development of scientific research capacity of university staff:

    1. Regular improvement and conducting the rating of scientific activity of employees of the university, improving the rating system

      2. Establish and support of a university-wide information base of scientific achievements of university employees

    3. Creating conditions for the the participation of employees in the university research internships and study abroad programs

4. Organization of training seminars and workshops on the basis of the university with the participation of leading international experts


             Legal and regulatory documents:

    ·      Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Science" dated February 18, 2011 № 408 – IV

    ·  State educational standards of RK 5.03.011-2006 Research work in higher educational institutions

      ·  State educational standards of RK 5.03.014-2006 Educational and research laboratories of universities

     ·        Standard of RK 1613 - 2006, "Good Laboratory Practice. Basic provisions "

    ·        Standard of RK 1616 - 2006, "Good Clinical Practice. Basic provisions "

     ·         Order of the Republic of Kazakhstan Minister of Health of 25 July 2007 № 442 "On Approval of the Rules of preclinical research, medical and biological experiments and clinical trials in the Republic of Kazakhstan"


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