Chair of Neuropathology with a course of psychiatry and narcology


Zhusupova Almagul Sejdualievna

head of chair
Almagul Sejdualievna Zhusupova is one of the leading experts and organizers of public health in the field of national neurology, an excellent healthcare professional of the Republic of Kazakhstan, president of the Association of Neurologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a doctor of the highest category, has a rich clinical and pedagogical experience. Zhusupova A.S. is a student of Professor Yu.I. Belyaeva, under whose guidance she defended her Ph.D. dissertation on epilepsy, worked for a long time at the Department of Neurology, AGIUV, later she headed the neurological departments of the Road Hospital of Astana and the National Scientific Medical Center. Almagul Seidualievna headed the Center for Scientific Clinical Research of the National Scientific Medical Center, made a great contribution to the development of innovative methods of treating neurological diseases. In 2007 A.S. Zhusupova successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on the substantiation of the clinical application of cell therapy in patients with traumatic spinal cord disease. Almagul Seidualievna is an organizer and participant of many scientific and practical conferences, master classes of international and republican levels, author of more than 100 scientific publications. Being the main freelance neurologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Almagul Sejdualievna Zhusupova was one of the leading initiators and organizers of the implementation of the new strategy of rendering medical care to patients with stroke, took an active part in organizing the activity of stroke centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Zhusupova A.S. takes an active part in activities to optimize neurological assistance to the population in Astana, is chairman of the Neurological Council under the City Health Department.


Alzhanova Dinara Sagyndykovna

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Nurmanova Sholpan Akimkireevna

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Alma Khan Klara Kanatovna


Baltaeva Zhemis Sholtyrovna



Elena N. Polienko


Formation story

Considering the need to introduce modern, international algorithms for the provision of medical care to neurological patients based on the principles of evidence-based medicine with the use of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, there is an urgent need to further improve the quality of teaching neurology at the stage of postgraduate continuing education.
To solve these problems in February 2013, the Board of the Medical University of Astana JSC organized a department of neuropathology with a course in psychiatry and narcology, which combined the main tasks and directions of postgraduate education of neurologists, psychiatrists, and narcologists.


The chair is located on the basis of the stroke center and department of neurology of the GKP on PHV "City Hospital No. 1". The clinical bases of the department have high-tech equipment for diagnosis and treatment of patients with various neurological pathologies, including: a computer tomograph, magnetic resonance tomograph, angiograph, ultrasound devices of the latest generation, EEG and ENMG devices, and the newest rehabilitation equipment.

The department has a sufficient number of classrooms, there is a lecture hall. The educational process uses electronic versions of lectures with the presentation of all materials in the program POWERPOINT.

The chair conducts cycles of retraining in the specialty "neuropathology, including children's", cycles of general and thematic improvement on topical issues of adult and pediatric neuropathology for doctors, according to the State Standard of Supplementary (postgraduate) education. Also, the staff of the department conducts educational activities in priority areas of healthcare development in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Training is conducted on a government contract and on a contractual basis.

Also the department carries out activities in the field of postgraduate education and internship: training in the residency specializing in neuropathology, including children, in the magistracy and doctoral studies in the specialty "general medicine", teaching the discipline "neurology" for interns-general practitioners.


1. Use and continuous updating of educational material based on modern clinical international guidelines from the perspective of evidence-based medicine.
2.Annual execution of the state order for 100% for carrying out cycles of in-service training and retraining of doctors, including in priority areas, as well as the fulfillment of the state order for studies in residency, internship, magistracy and doctoral studies.

3.Stably high level of students' satisfaction with learning outcomes.
4. Constant participation of the staff of the department in conferences of the national and international level.

5. Active participation of employees of the department in raising the educational level of doctors of medical organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition to the basic educational activities envisaged in the calendar-thematic plan, seminars and master classes on topical topics, including field ones, are held annually with the participation of the staff of the department.
6.High scientific activity, participation in scientific projects. Training of undergraduates and doctoral students.

7. Collaboration with national medical centers in the field of innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment, as well as in the field of scientific research.
8. Social support. During the year, the staff of the department actively consults medical organizations of the city (GB No. 1 and No. 2, the Road Hospital, the National Scientific Medical Center, the Oncology and Transplantology Center, the Medical Center of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery, etc.) . Employees of the department are Zhusupova AS, Alzhanova DS, Nurmanova Sh.A., Almakhanov KK, Kozhakanova ST are members and expert commission for diagnosis and therapeutic strategies of patients with demyelinating CNS pathology at the Neurological Council of the City Health Department of Astana. Assistant of the department of Baltaev Zh.Sh. - an independent accredited expert, a member of the Association of Independent Expertise of Astana.

9. Active work of the department in the field of health care organization. Employees of the department cooperate with public health organizations, including foreign ones.  Zhusupova A.S. is a member of the working group on the development and implementation of clinical protocols on adult neurology of the Republican Center for Health Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a member of the European Stroke Organization (ESO), Professor Zhusupova A.S. directs the work on improving the organization of care for patients with stroke in Kazakhstan in accordance with international standards.

Contact data

Astana, Koshkarbaeva 66, 
State Clinical Hospital for PHV "City Hospital No.1"