Chair of otorhinolaryngology


Jandaev Serik Zhakenovich

head of chair
head of the Chair, Ph.D., Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, the independent expert, member of the Academic Council, member of the Editorial Board of “Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery”. He has supervised 3 PhD, 1 doctoral and 2 master’s works. Pr. Dzhandayev successfully combines scientific and pedagogical work with the administrative and social activities. He is a member of the Council of the Faculty, Academic Council of NpJSC “AMU”, the author of over 150 scientific and educational works, the author of 2 monographs. Honors and awards: - Lapel badge “Outstanding worker of RK public health” in 2001; - Medal for the 10-th anniversary of Astana in 2008; - Certificate of honor for Kazakhstan’s intellectual wealth and social development of Independent Kazakhstan; - Certificate of honor from ME Republic of Kazakstan for the 25-th anniversary of the country’s freedom.


Zhusupov Bolatbek Ziyabekovich


doctor of higher category, member of the Association of Independent Experts in Healthcare, Astana. In 1990, he organized the opening of the children’s department of ENT in hospital No.2. He has taught all sections of ENT since 1973 till present time.

Honors and Awards:

-Winner of the “Golden scalpel” in 2008;

- Paper of Honor of the Commission on Human Rights under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 27 April, 2011, for the doctor’s loyalty and respect for the constitutional rights of citizens to health care;

- Jubilee Medal “20-th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan” from November 10, 2011.
- Lapel badge of JSC “AMU” “Honorable teacher” on June 7, 2012;

- Lapel badge of JSC “AMU” “50th anniversary of AMU” from September 5, 2014;

- Winner diploma “For loyal work to Almamater – 2015, 18 June, 2015;

- Letter of appreciation from governor of the Saryarka district in 2016;

- Diploma of the 1-st degree for a victory in the 6-th International conference of modern medical research “Avicenna”, Kemerovo city, Russia in 2016.

Azhenov Talapbek Muratovich

MD, doctor of higher category. Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the MEDICAL CENTRE HOSPITAL OF PRESIDENT’S AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN. Total years of service – 20 years. Education: - Finished education in treatment specialty of Aktyubinsk Government Medical Academy in 1998. - Postgraduate training program in the specialty of Otorhinolaryngology in Karaganda State Medical University in the period of time 1998-2001, candidate of medical sciences. - During 2006-2009, postgraduate doctoral studies in the specialty of “Otorhinolaryngology and Radial diagnostics”. MD. Medical technics: Endoscopy rhinosinusosurgery FESS, Endolaryngological benign tumor growth, Endoscopy rhinodacryocystotomia, Endoscopy adenotomy and tonsillectomy.

Kasenova Dinara Serikovna


Head of the educational process, MD, assistant professor, doctor of the first category, takes an active part in organizing and carrying out retraining and improvement courses, participates in the development and maintains control over the conduct of the department EMDC. Kasenova D.S. is introducing innovative methods of teaching at the chair: conducting of “School of the patient with different ENT pathologies”, introduction of distance learning. The main direction of professional activity: conservative and surgical treatment of chronic tonsillitis, management of patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. She has command of the FESS-surgery technics, endolaryngological surgery, microsurgery of ear.

Imangaliyev Ermek Yelemesovich


Aygozhina Bayan Khasenkyzy


Abilev Arman Amangeldy


Orumbayeva Almagul Sabitovna


Lee Denis Vladislavovich


Kudaibergenova Asel Uzenovna


Formation story

History of the Chair begins from 2003 when a course of otorhinolaryngology was organized under the guidance of associate professor of ENT and eye diseases Bolat Zhusupov at the faculty of improvement of doctors’ skills. On February 7, 2011, the Chair of Otorhinolaryngology No.2 under the guidance of Professor S. Zh. Dzhandaev was created by the decision of the AMU Management Board.


- to keep positions in the training of medical staff. 
- competitive ability of international scientific research and clinical activity of personnel.


  • - Training of highly qualified personnel in Postgraduate training program, master’s program, PhD program. 
  • - Retraining and advanced training of otorhinolaryngologists.


The chair provides scientific and educational activities, provides medical consulting, organizational and methodological work which assist to care emergency medical services and high emergency medical services of the population of Kazakhstan, carries out a large amount of preventive work. 
In the educational process, innovative teaching methods are applied, the staff developed guidelines and instructions, tutorials, movies and thematic videos, control and measuring tools are applied at work. Students at the chair have an opportunity to work in the library. Practical skills are practiced on mannequins together with teachers in training and clinical center. At the end of the training course, students take the threshold test in the testing department of AMU. Leading specialists of high qualification from other medical institutions are invited to deliver lectures here.


The Chair of Otorhinolaryngology is based in the City hospital No.2, a large multidisciplinary hospital of the capital and it is equipped with advanced modern laboratory and diagnostic outfit for Emergency Medical Services and High Emergency Medical Services for patients with ENT pathology. The Chair works in emergency and planned order: examination of patients with impaired hearing and vestibular apparatus; FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery), incl. endoscopic endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy; ear microsurgery: sanitizing operations, tympano-, ossiculo-, stapedoplasty; endolaryngeal surgery, incl. under high-frequency ventilation of the lungs; plastic surgery on the ENT organs. In conjunction with vascular surgeons, embolization of the cerebral vessels during bleeding and benign neoplasms of ENT organs is performed.
Employees of the chair are the leading otorhinolaryngologists of other large otorhinolaryngological centers of Astana: SCE for REU “City hospital No.1”, SCE for REU “Children’s city hospital No.2”, SCE for REU “Oncology center of Astana”, LLP “Sezim”. 
The chair has become a perfect school for bringing up research workers and physicians for public health services. More than 70 otorhinolaringologists including 12 residents have been trained and 300 doctors improved their professional skills.


Contact data

Tel: 8(7172) 577896 (341, 450)